Wenson Path Tool

Your CRC2005 Car Tool does not work? Do you have ripped or other edition of CRC?
Invictus LIVE! does not see your game?
Don't worry, you can use this tool for your CRC2005 Car Tool and Invictus LIVE!.

CRC2005 Car Tool says "Sorry, CRC 2005 is not installed on your computer"?
So, if you get this error message when you start your Car Tool and you have already installed any version of CRC then use this tool.
Just run Wenson Path Tool (referred as "WPT" from now on),
Select your "CRC.exe" (in your installed game directory),
and click to Start.
CRC2005 Car Tool and Invictus LIVE! will know that where is your installed game.

All source code and other elements was made by CsuTy (Adam Horvath).

WPT was tested on
-Windows XP(x86), Windows Vista(x86,x64), Windows 7(x64)

You can download here!