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Greetings on the web page of Kocsi Accountant and Accounts Supplier Ltd.

It was founded as a Limited Liability Company in 1991. Nowadays the owners who have many years of professional experience are still taking an active part in the life of the company.

The main activity of the company is bookkeeping, accounting service and other accounts tasks that incorporate monthly regular -double-entry bookkeeping, -pay-roll accounting, -income-tax returns, -supplying of data, and making the annual financial report by course of the accounting law.
Concerning the fact, that this is a family owned business you can get the appropriate information right from the chief executive officer. We do solve each of social insurance-, and tax-issues of our customers.

The firm has widespread background relations and we are also assisted by a solicitor and an auditor. So if you -our future customer- choose us, and for example like to establish a company we can help founding it, as well as auditing further on.

We have been dealing with different kinds and forms of companies from the foundations to the huge variety of the corporations (eg. deposit partnerships, limited partnerships, and limited liability companies).

So, beeing aware of the details written above we do undertake accounting your new or already founded corporation. Furthermore we prepare accounts regulations and other regulations, keep analytic statements and records, do pay-roll accounting, do labour- and social insurance administrations, get out a balance-sheet, do online income-tax returns.

A fair relation between the principal and deputy is indispensable, that is why we make an enterprise contract with each of our customers.

Send us an e-mail! Ask a tender! Ask for advice! Ask for on-the-spot agreement! Ask for an appointment!

If you are interested, and would like to be a customer of ours please put down short what do you do, what is your field of activity, in which field would you like to have advice. Please write down as well how many original accounts documents you have, how many employee you have in your company and how often you return file tax.

If you do need more information please do not hesitate to contact us, we immediately give an answer to any of your questions!

Kocsi Accountant and Accounts Supplier Ltd
Comprehensive accounts service, assisted by a chartered auditor, a tax advisor, a certified accountant and a solicitor. Bookkeeping, tax-guidance, file-tax returns, founding a corporation, accounts, pay-roll accounting, social-security bureau and administration on Buda. Accounting in Budapest.
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