After [Life]

2015.08.23.: Elapsed in Time - New album coming this fall

The new album Elapsed in Time is finished and it will be available on my bandcamp site this fall. Elapsed in Time is completely inspired by the world of Silent Hill, so you can expect heavy influences from dark ambient with a nice touch of industrial elements. Making this album marks some kind of 'back to my roots' feeling for me.

2014. 03 17.: New track "Unrealistic Expectations" on two new compilations

The new track is available on the new compialtions (Obscura and Wheels Of Fortune #7). The new track is an appaetizer for the next After [Life] album.


Wheel Of Fortune #7:

2013.03.23.: The new album 'Peaceful Melancholy' is out on my bandcamp page as a free download/pay what you want condition!

2012.12.22.: The new album is in the finishing stages, I hope it will be released in Q1 of 2013.

2012.12.22.: The new single Endlessly is out as the part of Soundwave On Duty (a fundraising project).

Endlessly is the second single from the forthcoming third album comes in early 2013.

While the title track Endlessly is following to show the new, improved sounds of After [Life] with sadness and melancholy, it was joy to experimenting with the second track Daydreaming. I think it’s the most positive approached track I’ve ever made. Generally this project is quite pessimistic and dark athmosphered so it was interesting to try different aspects.

The third track is absolutely influenced by the world of Silent Hill filled with darkness and mistery. This track and the above mentioned Daydreaming are exclusively available on this single.


01. Endlessly

02. Daydreaming

03. Discovering The Sickness (The Town)

Check out here:


2012.01.06.: Let Me Leave is out now on Devil Noise Records!

01. Let Me Leave

02. Agony

03. Agony (Die Faster! Mix)

04. Let Me Leave (Dark Version)

05. Into A New Life (2011)

Download here:

2011.12.20.: Laptop Hooligans & Cubiculo Noise Recordings new V/A compilation

Download this new compilation:

2011.12.13.: Dark Meadow's Lonely Christas Vol. 2. tracklist and art concept revealed

The upcoming release will come out in DVD case (4 cd's). This year's edition will contain 36 artists, including After [Life]  (on cd two) and side-project Noise Injury (on cd three) .

You can buy it here:

2011.11.27.: New single Let Me Leave will be out soon on Devil Noise Records

Let Me Leave is the first release since Dead Things (released in 2010. May).


01. Let Me Leave

02. Agony

03. Agony (Die Faster! Mix)

04. Let Me Leave (Dark Version)

05. Into A New Life (2011)

Check out the preview and the full version of title track Let Me Leave:

2011.11.27.: Let Me Leave will be on the Dark Meadow's Lonely Christas Vol. 2. compilation

The upcoming single's title track, Let Me Leave will be on the second volume of this compilation which will be out on Dark Meadow records.