Leto Clan Rules

Leto Clan Rules

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1. The clan is an international clan, so you need to speak English. A few language skill is already more than enough.

2. Most of us are hungarian, but we use english language, if already 1 user is in the lobby/game/chat, who is not hungarian.

3. We play together...That's a clan, so talk to each other, play with each other. That's the most important thing! Pls be friendly, gentleman, and defend your clanmate if he has some problems with others. (clanmates definitely and always have right against enemies! :D)

4. If you have some friends, who deserved an invite to the clan, then talk with kunyi or with me, we are the only ones, who can enroll them. We will publish that on the voobly team and aoe2 forum.

5. Captains are responsible for everything: for training, for moderating, for recruitment for peace.

And not a rule, but the really important one: ENJOY PLAYING TOGETHER! GL to everybody!
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