1v1 Cup Rules

1v1 Cup Rules

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Leto 1v1 Championship
Arabia (free civs)
Migration (free civs)
Regicide fortress (free civs)
MR (mirror civs)

Points: In every round you can gather 4 points for 4 winner matches. Get all points and win the tournament!
At the end of the championship, If somewhere will be point equality then the final match - between the two players in Every place - a DM GA with Mirror civs.

There isn’t RE game! If you have bad map, change tactic J
Championship schedule:

The championship starts at 10th of january 2014 and the end: 28th of february 2014.

There are 6 rounds and 1 offround, for everybody, so You need to play 18 1v1 games during the tournament. (maybe +1)

IMPORTANT: The maximum time to play a round is only one week. No additional time. If you out of time, automatic Admin Win! No Mercy!
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