The torturer and her assistant entered the soundproof chamber, and 
locked the door behind them. The stone walled room was semicircular 
with a concrete floor, and bright fluorescent lights were 
positioned over the five cross frames. On each, a naked prisoner 
was firmly bound with leather straps, and the frames were tilted at 
a 45 degree angle, positioning their genitals at hand height. Each 
was fitted with a large ball gag.
"My name is Wanda, and this is my assistant, Haley" the torturer 
Five terrified pairs of eyes watched her as she walked slowly 
around, inspecting their tightly spread out young bodies and 
vulnerable sex organs.
"My job is to soften you all up by indescribable pain and agony, so 
that our inquisitors can extract from you the information we want." 
Wanda continued. "I am regarded as an expert in genital torture, 
and my treatment will be mainly centred on your testicles. My 
assistant is learning my trade, and I shall be instructing her with 
the various procedures I employ. She will now inject each of you 
with a special cocktail of drugs. This will give you the biggest 
hard-on of your life irrespective of the agonies you will endure, 
and also will prevent you from fainting from the pain."
As Haley dispensed the drugs into the prisoners' thighs, Wanda 
continued to eye up the prisoners. Only she knew which man out of 
the five was an intelligence officer in the enemy's land forces. 
The other four knew nothing of any significance, but were there to 
be treated to such terrifying mutilations, that the officer would 
tell everything he knew in order to prevent getting similar 
treatment. A crafty trick, but it always worked.
The other four were also chosen because of the size of their balls. 
Wanda had an arrangement with a doctor in the prisoners processing 
room. After each man had showered, he was inspector by the doctor, 
who selected young slim smooth-skinned men with the biggest 
testicles, ready for Wanda's treatment. It was just the way she 
liked them.
"Oh, and there's just one more thing," Wanda said, looking around 
at the men, "Both I and Haley are sadists. We thoroughly enjoy our 
work. In fact, seeing a man in the throws of ball torture can give 
us enormous orgasms, so the longer you hold out, the better we like 
Wanda turned to Haley and said quietly "Leave number four to me, 
he's special". This was the officer.
Lying on the first cross was a young man of around 20. He was slim 
and tall, and because he arms were pulled out above his head on the 
frame, his concave stomach was tight and his ribs showed under his 
smooth skin. Wanda looked at his genitals. The doctor has chosen 
well. His long slim penis was rigid with the effects of the drug, 
and lay up his stomach, gently pulsing with his heartbeat, and two 
enormous balls were pulling the hairless scrotum down several 
inches below his legs. The humidity and heat in the chamber always 
provided the loosest of sacs.
Wanda walked between his legs and lifted his heavy balls in her 
hand. She was always surprised by the amazing differences in the 
size of men's testicles. Most were average, some were pretty tiny, 
and a very few were huge, like these. Being a devotee of ball-
busting, Wanda had read many stories on the internet. Balls were 
often described as being the size of lemons, or even grapefruit. In 
real life, she thought, they don't come much bigger than this - 
around the size of large hens' eggs. Mind you, she could get them 
to swell to grapefruit size after a good beating.
"Haley, have a look at this", Wanda said. She separated one ball 
and squeezed it down to the bottom of his scrotum. The gossamer 
skin was tight and shiny, and every detail of his testis showed 
through. "A testicle has a sort of fibrous outer surface which has 
millions of nerve endings which register two different types of 
pain. The first is pressure, or simple squeezing, and the other is 
impact. The art of prolonging the torture is to prevent rupture or 
broken blood vessels which will cause the scrotum to fill with 
liquid."  She turned the ball sideways so that the plump flatter 
surface was uppermost in her cupped hand. "Now most of the cords 
and pipes attaching this to his body are on the top edge and away 
from the area we will attack. By putting my thumb on the side of 
his ball, I can press down and cause indescribably agony without 
any lasting damage".
She pushed her thumb hard down into the cupped ball. His body 
tautened in his bonds, and his stomach rose up corded with muscles. 
From his throat behind the ball gag a high screeching sound 
emanated. She continued to add pressure, and his ball noticeably 
distorted, bulging out around her thumb, and flattening in the 
"What's the chances of it bursting?" asked Haley.
"Minimal if you're careful. Men's testicles are amazingly tough. 
Whilst it's a design fault to have such tender organs on the 
outside of the body, it is tremendously handy for torturing sadists 
like us. We will be busting some balls a little later in this 
session. Now, you grab his other ball and squeeze it as hard as you 
can - I doubt if you will be able to burst it".
Wanda let go of his scrotum and Haley pulled the other ball into 
her fist and squeezed as hard a she could. The tendons on her 
forearm corded out under the tension, and the prisoner's squealing 
began to pulse in time with his breathing, his chest heaving with 
great gasps of air. Sweat was pouring off him, and dripping onto 
the floor. Wanda looked round the room. The other four we watching 
with saucer eyes, also sweating in anticipation.
"I'll tell you what, Wanda" Haley said with a cute smile, "my fanny 
is pretty wet!"
"So is mine" Wanda grinned, "great isn't it? Now, before we move 
onto the next man, I must show you one of my special toys."
Wanda opened her sports bag and pulled out a chromium-plated 
"Now this isn't an ordinary ball vice that just squeezes testicles 
in increasing stages" said Wanda, showing it to her student sadist. 
"They will just cause the ball to eventually rupture by flattening 
it until the edges split. This has two curved cups made from thin 
bars of strong vanadium steel. But see, the bars interlink and can 
be screwed together so that each end of the cups move inwards as 
the as the sides come together. This means that the testicle is 
compressed equally in all directions and prevents it from 
distorting and splitting. Thus, we can create enormous pain for 
much longer, because once a ball bursts, it's pretty useless for 
further torture."
Haley let the first man's scrotum drop onto his thigh, and his body 
relaxed slightly as his tortured balls were given some respite.
The next man was slightly older than the first, with dirty blond 
hair and a pale skinned body. A few wispy blond pubic hairs were 
above his thick penis, which lay hard and heavy over his 
substantial testes. 
"Got to get this out of the way," said Wanda, delving into her bag 
once more. "You can either use duct tape or super glue - I prefer 
super glue".
With that, she uncapped the bottle, and ran a thin line of glue 
along the top of his shaft, leaving the head of his penis free of 
glue. Taking the warm plump spongy glans in her hand, she pulled 
his cock up his belly and pushed it firmly down onto his smooth 
skin. She held it for a moment, whilst the glue set. When she 
lifted her hand, his cock was firmly stuck to his tummy, the head 
of his penis some three inches above his navel. The taught skin of 
his cock had lifted his huge balls up at an even more vulnerable 
angle. 'Well done, Doc', thought Wanda, appreciating the sight of 
his large ovals of firm meaty testicles.
Opening the ball vice, she carefully inserted his left testicle and 
manoeuvred it around to ensure the blood vessels would not be 
trapped by the mechanism, causing the ball to die prematurely. She 
pulled the two cups together, inserted the Allen key and began to 
wind the halves closer. The man looked down over his body and 
watched in increasing terror. Soon, the pressure built to a point 
where his breathing became laboured, and his eyes began to run with 
tears. He made very little noise as she continued to turn the key, 
but his body began to rise from the frame until he was straining at 
the leather belts. Gradually, the firm wall of his testicle began 
to increase the pressure within the organ, and the fleshy walls 
started to ooze between the bars of the vice. From his throat, a 
desperate gurgling was mixed with his frantic breathing.
"Watch the end of his cock," said Wanda to Haley.
Another turn on the key produced a small globule of semen. Wanda 
made two further turns, the walls of his ball where compressing the 
inside material to a third of it's normal size. Suddenly, a large 
very thick squirt of semen was released, almost the consistency of 
"Christ, that's the thickest cum I've ever seen" exclaimed Haley, 
dipping in her finger, and tasting it.
"Squeezed right from the ball, my dear, without being diluted with 
emissions from the prostate" replied Wanda. "It will taste smooth 
and creamy without the bitterness of ordinary ejaculate. This ball 
is about to go, watch".
Haley couldn't believe how small the huge testicle had become in 
the ball vice. Although a good deal of meat was being squeezed 
through the bars, it looked half the size of the right ball laying 
heavily to one side. Wanda tightened the Allen key again. The man 
rose even higher in his agony, his throat behind the gag groaning 
deeply. Then there was an audible crunching noise from the ball 
vice as the contents of the gland was squeezed forcibly into the 
cords, the walls of his testicle collapsed and the pulverised meat 
squeezed out through the bars into his scrotum. The man grunted, 
his breath exploding from his nose, and despite the drugs, he lost 
"Shit" panted Haley, "I've just come"
"I'm not far off" replied Wanda, "let's try number three".
This man was next to the officer, and Wanda wanted this to really 
effect his decision when asked to disclose his secrets.
Although his balls were not quite as large as the previous victims, 
they were in a voluminous ball bag and hung tantalisingly low. 
Wanda lifted his sac, pulled both testicles down into the bottom of 
the bag, and squeezed the loose skin of his scrotum in her fist. 
The balls gave an impression of a miniature bottom in their shiny 
tight bag. Wanda balled her other fist and smashed it into his 
testicles. The crack of skin on skin made the other men watch 
fearfully. Then she hit again and again - twenty times in all. The 
man had not made a sound, but his face had gone purple, and he 
appeared to be holding his breath. Suddenly, he vomited around his 
ball gag, and it splashed down on his chest.
"That's loosened them up a bit" said Wanda, "now let's see how long 
we can stretch them before they tear out of his body. Wrenching the 
cords of a man's balls is another way or increasing the agony of 
his already aching nuts."
She took a leather parachute harness from her bag, fitted it over 
his swelling balls, and connected a thin white rope to the harness. 
Above the cross frame was a rail with various pulleys, chains and 
ropes. She connected the thin rope to a pulley, and went to the 
wall, where a crank handle was attached to the other end. After 
taking up the slack, she turned the ratchet handle several clicks. 
The skin of his scrotum began to stretch upwards, and his body rose 
slightly to compensate. However, his binding prevented further 
movement, and as she clicked further, his skin continued to stretch 
until it was as tight as a guitar string. The man was screaming 
behind his gag, water pouring from his eyes.
"We'll leave them to stretch out nicely, whilst I change my wet 
knickers" Wanda said. "Then I'll show you how to insert my special 
needles. Turning to the prisoners she said "back shortly, don't go 
The two girls left the chamber, and as they closed the door, the 
piteous groaning of their first three victims was cut off.
Wanda and Haley returned to the torture chamber 45 minutes later. 
The heat had increased, and both wore tight leather bikini tops and 
loose diaphanous skirts. Both had decided to abandon knickers to 
provide full access to each other's bodies as their passions became 
aroused during their torturing. 
Wanda's lean leggy body, bronzed by the sun, looked magnificent - 
her firm high breasts thrust upward by her bikini bra, her nipples 
erect under the soft leather. Haley's long blond hair was damp with 
exertion, her slim body shiny with perspiration, and her cleavage 
glistened under the bright lights. During their break, both girls 
had spent most of the time writhing passionately together on the 
bed in Wanda's workshop, bringing each other to multiple orgasms. 
"Right" said Wanda, "two more to get started on, but first, let's 
check on the others". 
They both moved towards the first prisoner whose testicles had 
swollen to twice their normal size since their earlier brutal 
squeezing. Although he had stopped groaning, sweat was still 
dripping from his body, and his terrified eyes followed them as 
they moved between his legs. Wanda lifted his balls and squeezed 
them down to the bottom of his scrotum. The other prisoners watched 
in dreaded anticipation. 
"This is what I call my 'twister'" said Wanda with a grin, "a 
lovely way to neuter a man. Five turns should do it." 
Pulling his testicles away from his body, she turned them 180 
degrees. Holding them in position with her left hand, her right 
hand twisted them another half turn. At three turns, his scrotal 
skin above his balls began to resemble a pink rope. His stomach had 
lifted and he began to squeak behind his gag. At three and a half 
turns, his eyes were tight shut, and his body began to shake. At 
four turns, he became rigid and silent in his incredible agony. The 
prisoner now realised that his manhood would not survive this 
"Now it gets difficult," said Wanda, trying to avoid letting his 
balls unwind. "You have to use all your strength to get them to 
five turns." 
She now used both hands to wrench his testicles around. Swollen 
from their previous treatment, they looked enormous under the tight 
shiny skin of his sac. As Wanda applied even more pressure, the 
skin just below his cock, now reduced to the thickness of a pencil, 
tore open exposing the twisted cords and veins. This made it easier 
for Wanda to continue her twisting, and she made two more complete 
turns, and as Haley looked on in awe, she saw the cords tighten 
down to almost nothing before rending apart with an audible snap. 
In Wanda's hand were the man's testicles, and she placed them on 
his chest. His eyes opened, focused on his balls, then uptilted 
showing the whites, and he passed into unconsciousness. 
"Jesus," said Haley, "I've just come again." 
"And me" said Wanda.
Taking some stainless steel instruments from her bag, Wanda applied 
surgical clamps to the blood vessels between his legs, and stanched 
the main bleeding. 
"He'll keep until we finished with the others," said Wanda, moving 
on to the second prisoner. 
The second prisoner's scrotum was swollen and shiny. Blood and 
bodily fluids surrounded his crushed ball. As they approached the 
man was frantically shaking his head in a silent plea.
"As I said earlier, Haley", instructed Wanda, "once you've burst a 
ball, it makes the bag swell and the intact one is difficult to 
torture. To overcome this, you hold the complete scrotum in both 
hands like this, and squeeze together as though you are praying. 
The fluids in the bag will slowly travel back up into his body. 
Now, you remember I said it is difficult to bust a ball by 
squeezing alone. Let me show you how you can do it." 
The man's scrotum had deflated after Wanda's prayer squeeze, and 
his intact testicle showed plump and rounded through the mush of 
his crushed nut. Wanda interlinked here fingers to form a large 
cup, pushed his remaining testicle down onto her fingers, and 
placed her two thumbs together with her thumbnails adjacent and 
pointing into the middle of the organ. 
"All you do is push your thumbnails down hard into the middle of 
his ball meat and you will feel the wall begin to distort. Keep 
pushing downwards as hard as you can, and when you feel your nails 
penetrate and rupture the wall, pull you thumbs apart to rip open 
the flesh. Your nails should be blunt otherwise there is a danger 
of tearing the ball bag." 
The prisoner began to make a strangled gurgling noise, and semen 
tinged with blood began to seep from the eye of his cock. Haley 
watched Wanda's thumbs sink deeply into the bulging testicle, and 
then she saw her pull her thumbs slowly apart. Both heard a wet 
tearing sound as the fibrous wall of the gland tore open and the 
compressed contents squelched into the sac. Her thumbs now sank 
almost completely through the ball as she wrenched it into two 
halves. Haley was amazed that the scrotal skin had not torn. 
Wanda took a metal clamp from her bag and fastened it tightly to 
the top of his scrotum. 
"That'll stop him from internal bleeding until we have finished 
here," she said, as she turned to the third man. 
This man's torment had not diminished at all during the girls' 
break, as the tension on his scrotum had remained almost constant. 
He was moaning gently, and dripping with perspiration. 
"Now Haley, see how his ball bag has stretched." Wanda flicked the 
taught skin with her fingers. "The skin round a man's balls is 
amazingly strong and elastic when you consider how thin it is. 
Whilst we've been playing with the others, his balls have been 
pulled another six inches from his body. Feel the pipes inside the 
neck - tight as bow strings".
Haley used her fingers to flatten out the taught skin, allowing the 
various veins and cords to show through.
"I'm amazed how many pipes and stuff there is connecting a man's 
nuts" said Haley, twanging the cords like a harpist.
Wanda went to the ratchet handle and clicked it four times. The 
prisoner's moaning turned to a long screech as the tension 
increased and the skin of his scrotum thinned under the pressure. 
Below the parachute ball harness his huge bright red testicles were 
straining the scrotal skin to its limit. 
"We should be able to get them stretched to over a foot before 
we're finished" Wanda grinned at Haley. "Let's get stuck into the 
last two". 
Wanda, or course, knew that this next man was the captured enemy 
intelligence officer. The whole of the preceding torture session 
was for his benefit - to scare the man witless that he would be 
mutilated and emasculated like the others. Wanda had strict orders 
that the torture session would leave no marks, swellings or 
permanent damage that could be detected by an enemy doctor. After 
they had extracted all the information from him, the Mind Control 
Department would program his brain so that he could return to his 
unit, telling them that he had hidden to prevent capture. The enemy 
would check his health and look for any signs that he had been in 
the hands of the opposition. Once he was cleared, his spying 
activities could commence. 
Her job now was to give the most agonising pain and terror without 
leaving a mark. Following his torture, he would be left to recover 
for a day, before being taken to the intelligence block. Such would 
be his dread of ever returning for another session, that he would 
almost certainly reveal all the information they wanted without 
resorting to further pain. Haley was too inexperienced at this 
stage to be let into these secret strategies, so Wanda needed to be 
a little inventive.
"To further your education in the art of torture," Wanda announced 
to Haley, "I need to show you genital electro-torture. To me, this 
is the most boring type of activity, because, as you know, I'm a 
hands-on touchy-feely girl. Zapping a guys balls with electricity 
means you can't touch him during the process. And you know me, 
there is nothing in the world like lifting and feeling a man's 
heavy warm testicles, gently rolling the tender orbs around his 
sac, then squeezing, pulling twisting and punching. Seeing a 
healthy strong male soldier who has be trained into a killing 
machine, lying spread-eagled in front of you, and brought to a 
squealing terrified shadow of a man who will grovel and do 
absolutely anything if only you'd let go of his balls. That's what 
gets me off, not sitting behind a black box twiddling knobs." 
She walked over to the corner of the chamber and wheeled back a 
metal trolley. On the top were several boxes, connectors and wires, 
together with clamps, probes and catheters. She began to assemble 
various connectors, laying them out over the prisoner's legs as she 
untangled the cables. 
"In their wisdom," Wanda continued, "our masters sometimes insist 
that after a session on certain prisoners, there should be 
absolutely no evidence that he has been tortured. You will learn 
later on in your training why there is sometimes the need for this 
requirement. For the time being, I will demonstrate on this fellow 
and show you how enormous agony can be applied without leaving a 
trace. Even a slight ball squeezing can cause them to swell, so we 
have to be very careful." 
Wanda opened a small plastic box. Inside there were rows of very 
thin needles in various lengths lying in slots.
"Fine needles have been used for years in ball torture," said 
Wanda, looking into the prisoner's increasingly widening eyes. "You 
can push them right through a testicle, and they cause a 
considerable amount of pain, but the beauty is that if the needles 
are thin enough, the balls heal up in a day or two, and no evidence 
is left. However, the pain is rather limited, as the needle only 
penetrates one or two nerve endings at a time, so to provide a 
decent amount of agony, you need to insert fifty or so to each 
ball. This is time consuming, especially as you have to pull them 
all out again fairly quickly, as the pain wears off. But these 
particular needles are my own invention and they are now being used 
around the world. I developed these in my workshop last winter for 
use with electro-torture." 
She picked one out of the box. It was around 3 inches long with 
sliver points at each end, and two grey bands along its length, 
with a small silver section in the middle. 
Wanda held it up to Haley's eyes.
"See those grey areas? That is insulation. Only the ends and the 
middle can conduct electricity. Now the trouble with conventional 
electro-torture is that the application of electricity to the skin 
leaves tiny burn marks that can take ages to fade. Crude devises 
like cattle prods can actually damage the scrotal skin permanently. 
Now with these needles, we can apply the electricity right in the 
middle of the testicle - its absolutely foolproof, because no 
doctor inspecting a returned soldier is going to split his ball 
open to check for burns!" 
Wanda lifted the prisoner's scrotum, squeezed down the testicles 
tightly, and placed the needle against the oval end of his left 
ball. Using some surgical pliers, she pushed the needle into the 
heart of the organ. There was an explosion of air from the 
prisoner's lungs and then a muted scream behind the ball gag. She 
continued to push until the needle emerged from the other end of 
his testicle, and she manoeuvred it so that insulated part of the 
shaft showed at both ends.
"Fuck me, I've just come again," said Haley. "That was awesome to 
see it travel right through and out the other side." 
"You do the other one," instructed Wanda, handing her a needle and 
the pliers. "You need to push fairly hard to break through the 
walls of his ball." 
The man's stomach had arched up and remained corded with tension as 
Haley inserted the needle into his right testicle. Again he 
screamed as the needle penetrated the sensitive organ, but within a 
few seconds, his stomach relaxed and he dropped back onto the frame.
"See how quickly the pain wears off?" said Wanda. "That's why in 
the old days they had to insert so many. Now, because we cannot 
leave any marks, we need to ensure that his balls will be as tender 
as possible without any swelling. When are a man's balls at their 
most tender, Haley?" 
"I suppose after he has just cum" replied Haley.
"Absolutely right, sweetheart" grinned Wanda, "and boy, is this 
baby going to cum." 
She now started to connect the cables. A small steel probe was 
carefully pushed up his anus so that the tip lay alongside his 
prostate gland. Duct tape was used to hold the cable in position. 
She then lifted his rigid penis, still turgid and straining from 
the drugs administered earlier. Pulling his foreskin down hard, she 
fitted a thin insulated ring with a small gold pad, just below his 
corona so that the contact rested on the most sensitive area of his 
glans. Next, she fitted miniature gold crocodile clips to the end 
of each needle through his testicles. Lastly, she placed a metal 
strap over one of his big toes. Then she took a sheet of bubble 
wrap and placed it under his genitals and around the sides against 
his thighs. She then placed a smaller piece under his penis, where 
it lay on his tummy. 
"What are those for?" asked Haley. 
"This insulates his balls from his thighs," said Wanda, pointing 
between his legs, "and the bit below his cock stops it shorting out 
on his belly. We want the electricity to travel from the centre of 
his balls, up through his connecting cords to the base of his cock, 
and then down the length of his shaft to his cock head. The one up 
his backside is to empty his balls of cum, and that makes a circuit 
with his toe. We don't want him screaming with ball agony when we 
drain them dry, otherwise he will not be able to cum properly." 
She fitted the other ends of the cables into sockets on the rear of 
the controller on the trolley, and plugged in the main cord to the 
wall socket. 
"There's been a lot of research done on this milking technique" 
stated Wanda. "I just follow the instructions because all the 
controls are in a computer chip in this box. Basically, it 
stimulates his sexual organs and simulates the electrical impulses 
that happen when a man has an orgasm. So there's no rubbing or 
friction, the signals are transmitted straight into the prostate 
gland and the nervous system takes over and switches on a full 
orgasm. The only thing is, it doesn't stop after a few seconds, as 
in real life. It just keeps relentlessly telling the body to 
continue to ejaculate. After five minutes of this, there will not 
be a drop of cum left in the guy, and his balls will be incredibly 
sensitive, just ready for our electrical games. Right, watch this." 
The prisoner had been lifting his head a fraction so that he could 
watch the preparations. All the other prisoners watched in dreaded 
fascination as Wanda stood by the trolley. Even the guy with his 
balls on his chest had recovered enough to turn his head and watch. 
Wanda switched on the milking program. There was a click, and a 
slight hum, and the prisoner's face relaxed a little as the 
electronics induced a pleasurable feeling in his genitals. Wanda 
lifted his rigid cock and pointed it at the ceiling. It pulsed in 
her hand with his rapidly increasingly heartbeat. Both girls 
watched the eye of his cock, as his stomach began to tension, and 
his toes began to curl. A crystal clear drop of lubricating fluid 
appeared on the top of his glans. Wanda felt the thick penis swell 
in her hand, as the glans turned from red to purple and the corona 
of his cockhead protruded magnificently over the shaft. Then he 
came. The first thick jets of cum shot into the air and fell back 
over Wanda's arm and hand. He came with such ferocity, it was 
actually audible. Both girls looked in amazement as his semen left 
his cock with such force they could hear each long rope of cum 
squirt from his pumping flesh, followed by a wet splat as it fell 
onto his chest. Wanda looked at the man's face. At the beginning of 
his orgasm, his face was relaxed and even had a hint of a smile. 
Now it was starting to look increasingly pained. The first fifteen 
ejaculatory pulses had been the most erotic and intense feelings 
that the man had ever experienced. The electricity still flowed, 
and his body continued to strain and pump, the squirts were 
reducing now, only lifting an inch or two above his cockhead. Now 
it began to hurt. His breathing became laboured, and he began to 
moan as the stimulation continued. Wanda still held his penis 
upright, and both girls watched as the ejaculate slowed and became 
more watery. However, it hadn't stopped yet. Now his fluids were 
just pumping gently out of his slit and running over Wanda's hand 
into his pubic hair. His head started to shake from side to side, 
and behind his gag, Haley thought he was screaming 'turn it off'.
"Another minute to go," said Wanda. "It turns off automatically. 
Then we will clean him up, and start the serious zapping of his 
tenderised nuts." 
Haley scooped up some of the prisoner's cum from his chest and 
licked her fingers. 
"Why not lick it all up?" said Wanda, pulling a face.
"Oh, I love the stuff, but only straight from a man's dick. I don't 
like it when it gets cold" she said to Wanda, grinning impishly. 
The man was beginning to squeal as the machine finished it's five-
minute cycle. His cock, still as rigid as ever, finally ceased to 
leak further fluids, but the meatus continued to pulse with a 
simulated orgasm, and the eye of his cock gaped widely with each 
empty pumping motion. Then the device clicked off. 
"The towels are in the corner, Haley," said Wanda, pointing. "Chuck 
me one, and use one to wipe the man down. I want him nice and dry 
for the electrics," she said, wiping the thick ropes of semen from 
her arms and hands. "But first, let's have a swift cup of coffee 
and an orgasm, and we can continue here in five minutes." 
She turned to the handle on the wall and clicked the ratchet three 
more clicks. The ball stretched man gurgled deeply behind his gag 
as his testicles were now the furthest from his body than they had 
ever been in his life.  Stretching out almost 14 inches, the skin 
of his scrotum could take no more.  Over his taut balls, below the 
harness, the gossamer skin of his sac parted, and below that, the 
inside membrane peeled open, exposing his massive testicles.  The 
skin began to slide back until it met the friction of the leather 
parachute harness.  Nevertheless, it slowly withdrew under the 
leather until it reached the top of the harness, and then sprang 
back like a rubber band, slapping into the base of his cock.  All 
his multiplicity of cords and tubes were now exposed, and relieved 
of their protection of the scrotal skin, now stretched out even 
further with the tension of the elastic rope.  Both girls watched 
with fascination, as the cords became impossibly thin.  Then one 
broke, snapping back in each direction, then another, and another, 
speeding up as all the tension was transferred to the remaining 
cords.  Finally, with an audible snap, the final cord separated, 
and the rope flicked his heavy balls out of their harness and into 
the air, before they dropped back with a meaty thud onto the 
concrete floor.  Wanda retrieved them and placed them on his chest, 
then clamped off the blood vessels still dangling from his body.
“Wow!” said Haley, obviously impressed.
Wanda then turned to the fifth prisoner who so far had remained 
"I'm sorry sweetie, have we been ignoring you?" she smiled. "I 
know, here's something to be getting on with whilst we take a quick 
She picked up a syringe from the bottom shelf of the trolley, 
lifted it to eye level and squirted a little red liquid from the 
needle. She then lifted the man's scrotum and stuck the needle into 
his ball bag, and squeezed in a tablespoonful of the liquid in the 
syringe. She then took hold of his scrotum and squished his 
testicles about ensuring an even coating of the injected fluid 
covered the entire contents. 
The man's eyes opened widely, in disbelief and outrage. Then his 
chest rose as he took an enormous intake of breath before it 
exploded from his nose with a stifled bloodcurdling scream that 
penetrated his ball gag.
As the girls left the chamber, the prisoner's screeching was cut 
off as the heavy door clanged shut. 
"What was in that syringe?" asked Haley. 
"Tabasco" said Wanda.
The girls returned to the torture chamber dressed in white lab 
coats. When Haley had questioned this, Wanda winked at her and said 
that they may have visitors a little later. Their slim nubile 
bodies rubbed against the thin material, whilst their full breasts 
strained the top buttons, each exposing a hint of sweaty cleavage.
"Right", said Wanda, "lets get number four switched on". 
She disconnected the milking electrodes from his anus and big toe 
and checked that the needles through his testicles were in the 
correct position for the electro-torture. 
"Haley, will you please remove his ball gag?" asked Wanda. 
Haley began to undo the straps around his head. "Won't her scream 
the place down?" she asked.
"He'll be too busy just trying to breath!" Wanda replied. "Now, I'm 
going to start the ten minute torture sequence, and then I'll 
explain what's happening." 
She threw some switches, turned a knob, and instantly the man's 
breathing stopped, his body arched so that only the back of his 
head and his heels where touching the cross frame. He made 
absolutely no sound for ten seconds, but his whole torso shimmered 
as the electricity coursed through his most vulnerable organs. The 
machine then switched off, his body collapsed back onto the frame, 
and he resumed his breathing in great panting gasps, like a man 
surfacing from the sea. 
"Christ!" exclaimed Haley, "that looks as though it hurts". 
"Evidently it hurts more than anything we can physically do to him" 
explained Wanda. "When we squeeze, pull, twist and smash his balls, 
we are making the nerve endings in his groin send messages to his 
brain that they are under attack, and the brain then turns on the 
excruciating pain." 
The machine switched on again, his body arched as before and his 
breath was held, this time, for twenty seconds. 
"Whilst this is boring for us sadists to administer," Wanda 
continued, "what actually happens is this. The machine sends out 
various pulses between ten seconds and 45 seconds at predetermined 
levels between 350 and 750 volts. The current runs into the 
insulated needles, and is released right in the centre of each 
testicle. As it radiates in every direction to the outer walls of 
his balls, it hits every possible nerve ending at once, with the 
highest level pain factor you can imagine. It then passes up his 
sensitive cords, into the base of his cock and up the shaft to the 
frenum. All these areas are absolutely laden with nerve endings, so 
the pain is unimaginably excruciating, so much so, that it prevents 
the victim from breathing. Therefore, the program in the chip 
spaces out the pulses to allow him to breath, and gradually 
increases the voltage as the body begins to adjust to the pain." 
Whilst she had been relating these details, the machine had 
continued to zap the prisoner with measured doses. Between two 
pulses, relieved of his ball gag so that he could breath, the man 
gasped "Christ, no more please, I'll do anything, it's killing me 
...ack...". Up came his body as the current crashed back in. 
"So," Wanda concluded, "basically, this is the ultimate pain maker. 
It can be used by torturers that don't get turned on like we do, 
and it leaves no marks or damage. However, it can cause madness in 
the prisoners. Years ago, they used those old telephones which you 
wound the handle on the side, to torture prisoners genitals in 
several jails. Sometimes they gave them what was called 'long 
distance' calls, and quite a few victims went permanently mad. So, 
this is set at ten minutes and is scientifically programmed to 
prevent blowing the man's mind." 
Haley appeared to have lost interest in Wanda's explanations, and 
had been furtively looking at the fifth man. He was a slim blond 
youth in his late teens, with an almost effeminate face and 
hairless body, but blessed with enormous genitalia that any fully-
grown man would envy. Haley though he was 'sweet and cute', and as 
her face softened with her thoughts, Wanda saw her expression, and 
looked at her quizzically.
"Why are you ogling Mr Spicy Meatballs, Haley?" she asked, 
referring to his Tabasco'd balls that were still burning from the 
chilli sauce.
"Well," Haley replied, rather guiltily, "I'm assuming that we are 
going to emasculate him like the others, and, well, he's only a kid 
and really rather gorgeous, and it seems such a waste to ruin such 
a massive cock and a pair of balls before he's had time to get much 
use out of them. They appear so pink and unused." 
Wanda looked at her crossly.
"Look Haley," she snapped, "that guy was one of several soldiers 
who went into one of our villages, killed the boys and old men, 
raped the women, and did unspeakable things to the children in 
front of their parents. They did things that even animals wouldn't 
do to their own kind. They then got drunk from looted liquor, 
collapsed, and our boys were able to capture the lot of them. 
You've got a lot to learn, Haley, but nobody who enters this 
chamber is an innocent little boy. I take my job seriously. That's 
why I patch my victims up after a session to prevent them dying in 
here, and I ship them off to the hospital wing to get them stitched 
up. I am a torturer, not an assassin. I don't murder these 
prisoners like they murdered our people. After treatment to heal 
their wounds, I want them back in the prisoner-of-war camps. The 
other prisoners see their ruined manhoods and learn about the 
agonising tortures we perform. This keeps them compliant and well-
behaved to avoid getting similar treatment. It also leaks out to 
enemy forces and they know what to expect if they are caught 
committing savage acts. If my activities here prevent just one 
atrocity to our people, my job is fully justified." 
"Er, fine," said Haley, somewhat taken aback by the tirade of 
justification. "But can I ask a favour?"
Her sweet elfin face melted Wanda's hard resolve. "Try me", she 
"Well," said Haley, "whilst your finishing off Mr Electroballs, 
could I connect up the milking wires and give Spicy Meat Balls here 
his last orgasm of all time? You know I'm partial to man cream, and 
I feel in the need of a protein drink." 
"You're a bloody cum junky!" Wanda retorted. "Yes, go on, you know 
how to connect it up." 
Haley smiled her thanks. She inserted the metal probe into his 
backside, fitted the connector to his big toe and indicated to 
Wanda to switch on. The machine hummed and Haley lifted his long 
thick penis and took the fat flared cock-head into her warm mouth. 
Using long slow strokes, she began to slide her mouth up and down 
his turgid penis. Wanda was impressed with how much of his long 
cock Haley could take into her delicate little mouth and throat, 
and judging by the look on the prisoner's face, so was he.
With Haley’s ministrations and the effects of the milking machine, 
it took no time at all to induce an orgasm into a youth in his 
prime of sexual life. His stomach tautened, his testicles moved up 
tightly under his cock, and his toes curled. His whole body 
strained and the semen raced through his long penis, as Haley's 
mouth moved deeply down on his shaft. With several inches of rigid 
man flesh deep in her mouth, Haley was taken by surprise with the 
enormous first ejaculation of cum that burst into her throat. With 
her eyes like saucers with amazement, two copious jets of semen 
squirted from her nostrils onto the mat of blond hair at the base 
of his spasming cock. She moved quickly up his shaft, and clamped 
her lips tightly round the ridge of his corona as his body 
continued to pump huge ropes of thick sperm into her mouth. She 
held her lips there for a full minute, swallowing frequently, 
before releasing his still pulsing organ. It flopped back onto his 
tummy, jetting small dollops of almost colourless ejaculate, as the 
milking machine drained him dry. 
"Fucking hell!" exclaimed Haley, licking her lips and wiping her 
cum drenched nose, "that was a first! Chilli flavoured cum! That 
Tabasco marinade worked a treat!"
"Right, disconnect him," said Wanda, grinning at her. "I'm finished 
here for the time being".
She looked menacingly at the officer who was still panting from his 
ordeal, as she removed the various wires. Then she picked up the 
pliers and pulled out the needles imbedded in his testicles. He 
jumped at the sudden pain, but said nothing. Still looking him in 
the eyes, she said "We'll come back to you in a minute, my friend." 
She moved over to the last prisoner who was still breathing heavily 
from the most explosive orgasm of his life. 
"Haley, you've given him as taste of heaven, now I want you to give 
him total hell and destroy those empty balls."
She released the catch on the cross frame and swung it up so that 
the victim was in an upright position. His huge balls hung heavily 
between his widespread thighs. She took hold of the hot fleshy cock-
head, still sticky from his ejaculation, and stretched it up over 
his tummy to expose his testicles and bring them forward.
"Use your knee, Haley", she instructed, "and as hard as you 
possibly can." 
Haley pulled up her lab coat to bare her leg, and with a force 
unexpected in one so feminine and delicate, she delivered a 
frightening slam into his testicles. The impact of flesh against 
flesh made a hearty crack, as her bony knee crashed into his 
sensitive organs. He made a deep-throated gurgle, his youthful face 
a mask of total agony. 
Haley knee came up again, and again, smashing into his dangling 
balls every few seconds. After twenty hits, Wanda stopped her, and 
took his testicles into her hand. She felt the rapidly swelling 
nuts and found them to be still intact. 
"These balls are tough bastards" said Wanda. "Take off your shoe 
and kick him."
Wanda pulled his penis hard up again, as Haley swung her long 
shapely leg and smashed the top of her foot hard into his swinging 
testicles. His head was beginning to loll on his chest, but he was 
still conscience, as Haley continued to kick him. 
After ten more kicks, Wanda stopped her, and again felt his balls.
"Ah," she said, "you've smashed his left nut, here - feel".
Haley took his sac into her hands and felt the huge swelling of his 
right ball, and behind it, small hard fragments of the remains of 
the testicular wall of the other. Within the thin pliancy of his 
scrotum, she could feel the strange spaghetti-like contents of the 
burst testicle, and she squished it about and panted, as another 
orgasm racked her body. Then she took his remaining gland in her 
hand, and remembering how Wanda had cracked one of the other 
prisoner's nuts, she pushed it down into her interlinked fingers, 
placed her thumb nails together on the side of his testicle and 
bore down with all her strength. The previous treatment of his 
testicle has swollen and softened the fibrous shell, and her thumbs 
broke through like bursting a peach. She then prised the softened 
shell apart and squeezed out the contents of his ruined nut to join 
the mush of his other ball. The prisoner's head was rolling from 
side to side in his agony, spittle pouring from around the ball 
gag, and his body soaked in sweat. Amazingly, his long thick penis 
was still rigid and pulsing with his heartbeat, and pointing 
upwards several inches past his navel, due to his drug induced 
erection. Wanda walked around to the back of the frame, put her 
hand between his legs, reached up and grasped the end of his turgid 
shaft. With a swift yank, she wrenched his cock down between his 
legs and right up behind his arse. There was a soft sound of 
tearing tissue as the erectile meatus of his cock was torn asunder 
at this sudden vicious bending of the rigid shaft. As she let go, 
his cock swung back to its original position, but with a distinct 
bend near the base. Blood was already pouring from the internal 
fissure, and Wanda took a steel clamp from her bag, pushed it over 
his broken penis and tightened it at the base until she had stopped 
the blood flow.
"Oooh," said Haley, "I've just come again."
Wanda returned to the officer on the adjacent frame, and addressed 
him. "Now you, my friend," she began, "have had the worst deal of 
the lot today. I needed to show Haley here how to torture a man 
without leaving marks or damage, and you got elected. This means 
that you have already suffered more pain that any of the others yet 
you are still a whole man. And nobody leaves my torture chamber 
with their wedding tackle intact. So I am going to ask my student 
here to choose the method of your emasculation." 
Turning to Haley, she said "Now you've seen my techniques in 
torture on the others here today, and I would like you to choose 
the method of this man's sexual destruction.”
The officer started to plead with her. "No more, please, I'll do 
anything ..." 
Haley interrupted. "I fancy using your special ball crusher on one 
of his testicles, and then I'd like to employ your 'twister' and 
remove his complete scrotum. And then perhaps, I could bust his 
"No, pleeeese ..." the prisoner began, but he was interrupted by a 
sharp rap on the chamber door. 
Wanda winked at Haley, and walked over and opened the door.
Two smart soldiers stood there, and the first spoke. 
"Sergeant Baker from the special interrogation unit, ma'am. I 
believe you have a Lieutenant Martin here?" 
Wanda made a show of looking at her papers on the desk, and then 
said, "That's him over there," and pointed at the officer. "But we 
haven't finished with him yet."
"We think he has some information we need," said the Sergeant, "and 
I wish to remove him immediately. If he fails to tell us all we 
want to know, you can have him back to finish him off." 
"Help yourself," said Wanda, and the two soldiers started to undo 
the restraints on the Lieutenant. Within a couple of minutes, 
dressed in a lab coat, he was led away. 
"Be seeing you," said Haley brightly. 
As the door closed behind the soldiers, Wanda said to Haley, 
"You'll not see him again. After his experiences in here, he will 
tell them absolutely everything. They will then brainwash him and 
send him back to the enemy as a spy. That was a good day's work, 
Haley, well done. Now we'll get the hospital boys over here to 
collect these eunuchs, and then we can go for a shower and a few 
beers. Then I'll show you some of the special torturing equipment 
I've got in my workshop, and I'll introduce you to Terry, who's a 
masochist, and has the biggest balls you've ever seen in your life. 
I try things out on him, and he loves it, but I'm careful not to 
bust them. Over the last two years, my experimental tortures on his 
testicles has caused them to grow to enormous proportions, and they 
can take huge amounts of punishment. He also ejaculates more cum 
from his monster nuts than even spicy meatballs here, so you will 
never go thirsty!"
Haley eyes widened in anticipation. "Sod the beers," she grinned, 
"lead me to him!" 
She was beginning to enjoy her job as the Torturer's Apprentice.
The end.