„Te egyszer s mindenkorra felelős lettél azért, akit megszelídítettél...”
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
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Soft coated wheaten terrier


Aki segit megtalalni a mi szeretett es huseges kutyankat, az jutalmat kap. A kutya (kan) FIGGE nevre hallgat es a fuleben a következö tetovalas van: S 37606/98.

A kutya 2002. junius 18-an tunt el Lentiböl. A kutya egy 6 eves, kan IRISH SOFT COATED WHEATEN TERRIER (mint egy Komondor csak kicsi), zsemle szinu (beige).

Aki barmit tud rola, kerjuk ertesitsen a kovetkezo e-mailen: violetta.cadar@rohalla.nu

Kerjuk segitsenek megtalalni. Nagyon köszönjuk!


My name is Violetta Kadar and I live in Sweden. My husband is hungarian and thats why I have an hungarian name. I hope that you you can help me to find my dog wich was trumb in sommer 2002 when we was in vacation in Lenti (Hungary). The house we hired has been burgled of a romany-thief and he take the dog too. We tried to find him by television, radio, magasines and police but we didn´t find him. Last summer the police cooled us and said that they sow our hund around Lenti (50-160 km radius) he was free and want to eat. We flied there but the romany-family leaved and they took the dog too. So we don´t know where in Hungary the dog can be. And I know that if someone see a dog wich seems like a shorter Komori and want food and is homeless (He is very friendly) they can call his name FIGGE and check in the ear for the tatoo number. Then can they send us an e-mail and we can fly there by the way. I want to try again with your help if is possible or with Kennel Club you have in Hungary or another club you have there but I don´t have their e-mail or webb-adress. Please, if you can help me in a way or another I would be very happy and of course we give a big reward if we find him. I hope you can english because I don´t know hungarian. (I have a little text in hungarian and I write it too, abowe here). If you don´t speak english you can answer me in hungarian. I understand little hungarian and I can take the dictionary too and translate. I hope of hole my heart that you can give me some good news (adresses, e-mail or telephon numbers). You can send on this mail to those all you know and wich can help us. THANK YOU!!!!
We can send a picture with Figge if necessary. Just answer me.

Some date of my dog:

His name is FIGGE and he is now 6 year old (male). He is a Irish Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier (seems like a KOMODOR just shorter - about 55 cm tall). He have in an ear a tattoo: S 37606/98. You can easy check if is him. His colour is lighth brown or beige (but he must be dirty now)

(2004. 03. 16.)