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16.01.2021 - 15:06
cheap jordans for ...
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cheap jordans for sale The best songs of the '70s
Last post: senbhqe7
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16.01.2021 - 15:06
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16.01.2021 - 15:04
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cheap jordans for sale including quiet areas
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27.11.2020 - 10:54
27.11.2020 - 10:54
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27.11.2020 - 10:54
27.11.2020 - 10:53
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cheap jordans jordans for cheap
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Board: Main Board
27.11.2020 - 10:52

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29.03.2018, 11:02 offline quote 

A guide to short breaks in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, including the best bars, restaurants,, hotels and things to do

Why go now?

Set on the languid Saigon River, which brought trade and colonisation by the French in the 19th-century, this is one of Asia’s most evocative cities,cheap authentic jordans, never failing to fire the imagination. Some boulevards and paint-cracked villas remain from colonial times, but these days the first impression visitors receive is of an exciting metropolis, with skyscraper bars and high-fashion boutiques.

Getting there

I travelled with Hayes & Jarvis (0843 770 4526, which offers a four-night trip to Ho Chi Minh staying at the Caravelle hotel (see below) on a B&B basis from ?799, including a half-day Cu Chi tunnels excursion and return international flights from Heathrow with Emirates, via Dubai. The only airline to fly direct is Vietnam Airlines (020 3263 2062;, again from Heathrow.

Where to stay

Special treat

Chic, white Villa Song (1) at 197/2 Nguyen Van Huong (0084 8 3744 6090;,cheap jordans free shipping, may be a 20-minute (free) transfer away from the centre of the city, but it is an exclusive haven spread along the riverside. The 22 rooms have dark wood floors and bright, arty touches. Doubles from $184 with breakfast.

Check availability: Villa Song, Ho Chi Minh City


Hotel Caravelle (2) at 19-23 Lam Son Square (0084 8 3823 4999; is a well-established luxury hotel with an open-air swimming pool and a 10th-floor bar,cheap jordans online, where war journalists would once perch, stiff drink in hand, looking out on to Lam Son Square. Doubles from $178 including breakfast.

Check availability: Hotel Caravelle, Ho Chi Minh City


The Rex Hotel (3) at 141 Nguyen Hue Blvd (0084 8 3829 2185; has spacious rooms, a central location and a rooftop bar that serves cocktails with names like CIA Officer,cheap jordan shoes, recalling its history as the location for the Five O’Clock Follies briefings. Doubles with breakfast from $120.

Check availability: The Rex Hotel, Ho Chi Minh City

On arrival


Hop in a taxi and head for Cuc Gach Cafe (4) on Dang Tat (0084 8 3525 7826;, a leafy little place with friendly staff to guide you through a long menu that includes soft shell crab (220,000 VND; ?7), shrimp claypot (95,000 VND; ?3) and exotic fruit juices.


Head for cocktails and the ultimate skyscraper views at the EON Heli Bar on the 52nd floor at the Bitexco Financial Tower (5) on Hai Trieu (0084 8 6291 8752;,cheap wholesale jordans,, above a carpet of city lights and the Saigon River.

Day one


Make for teeming Ben Thanh market (6) on Le Loi. Bargain hard for souvenirs, from embroidered bags to local coffee and handicrafts. If you return at night, street food vendors will have set up outside. Try Com Tam – rice with grilled pork, pork skin, fried egg and spring onion.


The Reunification Palace (7), a concrete wedge on Nam Ky Khoi Nghia (admission 20,000 VND/63p), was built in 1966 after Norodom Palace – home to the president of South Vietnam – was bombed in 1962. The tank that crashed through the gates signifying the end of the war on April 30, 1975, can still be seen. Inside are conference halls, one with a marvellous lacquer painting of the Temple of Literature in Hanoi, and a reinforced bunker, with a wartime command centre and map room.


The nearby War Remnants Museum (cool at Vo Van Tan (0084 8 3930 5587;; admission 15,000 VND/?0.4cool, in grounds scattered with helicopters and tanks, is a distressing but unmissable statement of history, focusing on American involvement in the Vietnam war.


Grab a bite with fashionable locals and ex-pats at L’Usine (9) on Le Loi (0084 8 3521 0703;, a bright industrial-chic café and gallery with simple but delicious modern European/Asian fusion dishes.


Explore the city’s boulevards by taking a stroll past the City Hall and statue of Ho Chi Minh, on to Paris Square, dominated by the double spires of Notre Dame Cathedral (10).


Order a thick Vietnamese coffee over ice at a branch of Trung Nguyen Coffee, or try Mockingbird (11) at 14 Ton That Dam, an arty café hidden on the 4th floor of a warehouse block (00 84 9 3529 3400;,jordan shoes.



Hoa Tuc (12) on Hai Ba Trung (0084 8 3825 1676; offers a set menu of contemporary Vietnamese dishes such as baby fried squid and fillet mignon with a lime dressing, in a cosy courtyard. The chefs run a cooking school here, too.


Take a seat at the Saigon Opera House (13) on Lam Son Square and be wowed by the Cirque du Soleil-style acrobatics of the AO Show (0084 124 518 1188;; tickets from 504,000 VND/?15).


Across the square, the 10th floor Saigon Saigon bar of the Caravelle Hotel (2) is an upmarket, convivial place with live music (currently Cuban, except Tuesdays) to get patrons dancing and expertly-mixed cocktails.

Day two


The best way to reach the Cu Chi tunnels is by leaving the city on a motorboat&nbsp, Dang Pier;; 1,799,000 VND/?57; includes a guide, entrance fees and lunch) on a peaceful, hour-long journey past tangles of green weed. Viet Cong fighters constructed vicious traps amid the trees here and dug underground bunkers, some of which visitors can duck into.


On your way back, refuel with tamarind prawns and pork and watercress soup by the riverside under statuesque frangipani trees at Thao Dien Village (00 84 8 3744 2222;, a restaurant and spa.


Back in the city centre, support the works of Vietnamese contemporary artists at Galerie Quynh (14), Level 2, 151/3 Dong Khoi (00 84 8 3836 8019; Exhibitions cover everything from oil pastel family portraits (Trong Gia Nguyen, current) to photography, subversive pop art and sculptures. Currently showing In Situ, which features reactions to architectural development in the city.

City Checklist

1. Pull up a small plastic stool at a stall on the corner of Ly Tu Trong and Nguyen Trung Truc to try Vietnamese fresh beer (bia hoi).

2. Learn about the balance of salt, sweet, sour and spice in traditional dishes on a street food tour (

3. Join the thrum of motorbike traffic and see the city at night from the back of a Vespa (,cheap jordans for sale.

More Telegraph Travel expert guides

Follow Telegraph Travel on Twitter

Millions of computers using Intel chips are prone to hacking because of a flaw that went unnoticed for a decade, it has emerged.

Software giants are currently working on a fix for the flaw but industry experts have warned it could potentially slow down all devices running the chips by up to 30 per cent.

The flaw could allow hackers a "persistent and undetectable backdoor into someone's computer", Mike Godfrey, cyber expert at Insinia Security told the Telegraph.

The flaw grants access to a computer's kernel, which runs and stores every function on the device, and means an outsider could potentially bypass antivirus or firewall security software without the owner knowing. It could allow malicious software to steal passwords and sensitive files or cryptographic keys, necessary for keeping us safe online.

The National Cyber Security Centre, an arm of GCHQ issued a statement on Wednesday afternoon advising individuals to install updates when they became available.

View more!

"We are aware of reports about a potential flaw affecting some computer processors," a spokesman said.

"At this stage there is no evidence of any malicious exploitation and patches are being produced for the major platforms."

Intel chips appear in almost all personal computers and other technology. Financial institutions and businesses with large IT infrastructure may have been compromised for several years, Godfrey added. Train systems and autonomous cars also use the chips.

Intel has reportedly warned software vendors including Microsoft, Amazon and Apple, who are believed to be creating a workaround to fix the flaw. But this fix could make computers 30 per cent slower, according to technology website The Register,cheap retro jordans.

Matthew Hickey, security expert and co-founder at My Hacker House said: "The real problem is for companies trying to support customers on their servers. Hypothetically, if a company once had capacity to support 100,000 users, that number may drop to 70,000.

"It could have real cost implications for businesses that have been using or intend to use cloud technology and Intel servers."

View more!

The bug has been known by security workers for some time, but is not due to be publicly disclosed until software giants like Amazon and Microsoft have issued a patch, so that the details cannot be exploited by criminals. Fixes are expected to be released in the next week.

Intel itself is unable to fix the flaw, so guarding against it requires a software update that will slow computers by between 5 per cent and 30 per cent, or to fix the processors completely.

Hundreds of millions of devices could be affected, including those still on the production lines.

Mr Hickey added: "The real problems are for companies who are trying to get the best performance out of servers to support so many users. They may find that they had the capacity to support 100,000 users on their software, but that number could drop to 70,000. It could have real cost implications for business."

It is unclear whether anyone has been hacked thanks to this flaw, but penetration tester at Insinia Security, Matthew Carr, told the Telegraph that it was not inconceivable that a vulnerability that has existed for ten years had already been exploited by nation states, criminal gangs or expert level hackers.

Chip rival AMD shares soared 7.2 per cent after the disclosure on Wednesday, while Intel dropped to a low of 3.8 per cent. AMD said there was "near zero risk" to its processors due to the way they are designed.

Intel this evening responded to reports of a design flaw in some of its processor chips by saying that claims these are “unique” to its products are incorrect, and that it had planned to disclose the issue next week.

The company said in a statement: "Recent reports that these exploits are caused by a “bug” or a “flaw” and are unique to Intel products are incorrect.

"Based on the analysis to date, many types of computing devices — with many different vendors’ processors and operating systems — are susceptible to these exploits.

"Intel is committed to product and customer security and is working closely with many other technology companies, including AMD, ARM Holdings and several operating system vendors, to develop an industry-wide approach to resolve this issue promptly and constructively."

Microsoft said it has released security updates to protect Windows customers against "vulnerabilities affecting supported hardware chips from Intel, ARM and AMD".

Amazon, meanwhile, said the issue had "existed for more than 20 years in modern processor architectures likes Intel, AMD and ARM across services, desktops and mobile devices", and that it had already protected most of its cloud. The remaining parts will be protected within the next few hours, it added.

Google, which alerted Intel to the problem "a couple of months ago", said, as soon as it learnt of the vulnerabilities, it updated its systems and affected products.

Apple are yet to comment.

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