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Jordan himself in 2014 revenue obtained from Nike and other partners where there is $ 100 million – or there is a more intuitive data, in Jordan’s home in North America, the entire Jordan brand basketball shoe market share of up to 58%, if plus all the other Nike basketball shoes,cheap real jordans, this figure will become a little terror 92%.
His own influence inside and outside the stadium transformed into today’s stubbornly high sales and a large number of Jordan shoes brand loyal fans, relied on Jordan and Nike in the past 30 years of continuous co-operation, through the NBA’s tide of globalization, which Sport has become one of the most successful business marriage.
A contract of $ 500,000 30 years ago, now turned into billions of dollars in business
In 1984,cheap jordans online, when Nike signed Michael Jordan to $ 500,cheap jordans_992,000,cheap jordans_710, the North Carolina Youth certain unexpected bring them billions of dollars a year in revenue; Jordan may also be glad to have the decision to let him in his career