Tyco Terrain Twister reverse engineering 

I have a Tyco Terrain Twister without transmitter.
The demodulated signal encoder in it is on a small board on board PCB.
Unfortunatelly there are not any useful information about it on the web (how the encoding is works etc.).

I am planning that I will replace it with small AVR/PIC based custom circuit whihc capable to encode PPM signals

The RF receiever is also in a separate circuit it was manufactured by the Jetta Company Limited.

I have desoldered the encoder circuit and reverse engineered its pin's function:

My pin counting starts at the top left corner and continues tor right.

See the pins function below:

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CakePHP: Undefined property: View::$Session after adding helper to the AppController 

I have got the error above after I have added a helper to the AppController. If I added the similar helper to all of my Controllers, everything had worked fine. Of course it is a workaround, so I have did some investigation, and I have figured out that the Session also acts as a helper not just as a component. After adding the Session to the helpers of the AppController the problem gone away.
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Freescale CodeWarrior for MobileGT 9.2 - MPC5125 under Linux 

Do you want to use Codewarrior for MobileGT 9.2 under Linux for debugging/developing to MPC5125?

The stock installation of the CW did not supports the MPC5125 and the MPC5123. You can download an upgrade to support these CPUs, but it is available for windows only. No problemo, after running some cabextract I was able to extract the upgrade contents. After some directory renaming and restructuring I had created the same directory structure as my Linux CW installation has.

The next archive could be extracted to the CodeWarrior main folder. (In my case this was the

It will overwrite two files. Backup them before doing it this.
http://dl.dropbox.com/u/4295670/crio/Co ... PC5125.rar

Good luck to everyone who is using this stuffs!
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Magyarok a marson -1 nap Dejavu 

Három napnyi majdnem szünetmentes kokeszolás után nagyjából kezd kialakulni a dolog. Ezer sebből vérzik ami tudom hogy rommá fog szivatni az elkövetkező 48 órában de ez egy ilyen műfaj.


Igen ne vegyetek Kodak fényképezőt mert nem tud fókusztváltani videó módban.
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Magyarokamarson -1 hét új PCB 

Az eredeti klannos terv alapja az volt, hogy a tavalyi elektronika 1 az egyben vinni fogja.
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