Greetings and Salutations

Greetings traveller, welcome to the world of the Book of Myths, a world of of magic and technology where myths and stories are brought to life.


I am Benjamin Svärdstål and I will be your host on this site. Some information about The Book of Myths before you proceed:


The Book of Myths world takes place during a mixture of different ages, but all connected to the setting of Steampunk, the setting where machinery was in work but not by electricity as you know it - but rather by steam. But of course, as this is a world of fantasy, magic is very much involved just as much. This website will give information of the world - which is still under construction - and what you should know of it, even though most of this will take place in the land of Veltira. We shall mainly, however, focus on 2 things in this world: The vampire hunters called the Myth Hunters, elves who are partly vampire by an eight part. And one in particular of them, Turidas "Blood" Bloodsorrow III of the Sin'areln bloodline.


When you're here, you may find on certain links - especially on characters - pictures and music. I obviously do not own any of them, but they serve as examples of how they sort of look like, and what their theme music is.


If you'd like to ask things or feel like helping out with something, do contact me at


Enjoy your stay here.




-Special thanks to "Shaun" for helping out with the website!