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03borntodie.mp3 1.802.03.02 11:57:07MDCBorn To DieMillions Of Dead Cops0:01:57128S44
Maijer_Danny_-_Millions_of_UFO_s.mp3 2.7Maijer, DannyMillions of UFO's0:02:54128S44
Tripecac - Millions Of Monkeys.mp3 04:31:40TripecacMillions of Monkeys1993The HermitMy first "punk" song.(c) 1993 Tr0:03:22128S44
14achievements.mp3 12:24:01MDCAmerican Achievements0Millions Of Dead Cops0:02:12128S44
10family.mp3 1.802.03.02 12:14:15MDCMy Family Is A Little Weird0Millions Of Dead Cops0:01:53128S44
06remember.mp3 1.802.03.02 12:03:34MDCI Remember0Millions Of Dead Cops0:01:57128S44
02deadcops.mp3 1.802.03.02 11:53:35MDCDead Cops - America's So Strai0Millions Of Dead Cops0:01:57128S44
07johnwayne.mp3 1.902.03.02 12:06:52MDCJohn Wayne Was A Nazi0Millions Of Dead Cops0:02:00128S44
13kiilllight.mp3 12:20:04MDCKill The Light0Millions Of Dead Cops0:01:13128S44
04deathburger.mp3 11:59:29MDCCorporate Deathburger0Millions Of Dead Cops0:01:14128S44
05redneck.mp3 0.502.03.02 12:00:07MDCViolent Redneck0Millions Of Dead Cops0:00:36128S44
01business.mp3 1.302.03.02 11:50:05MDCBusiness On ParadeMillions Of Dead Cops0:01:26
09hatework.mp3 0.802.03.02 12:09:24MDCI Hate Work0Millions Of Dead Cops0:00:53128S44
11greedy.mp3 1.302.03.02 12:17:12MDCGreedy And Pathetic0Millions Of Dead Cops0:01:21128S44
06 Mao Tse Tung.mp3 0.802.02.27 22:42:20MDCMao Tse Tung1987Millions Of Damn ChristiansZodiacAlbums.com0:00:54128S44
08 Guns For Nicaragua.mp3 2.802.02.27 22:46:01MDCGuns For Nicaragua1987Millions Of Damn ChristiansZodiacAlbums.com0:03:00128S44
10 S K I N H E A D.mp3 22:53:50MDCS.K.I.N.H.E.A.D1987Millions Of Damn ChristiansZodiacAlbums.com0:03:12128S44
03 Who's The Terrorist Now.mp3 22:33:18MDCWho's The Terrorist Now1987Millions Of Damn ChristiansZodiacAlbums.com0:01:12128S44
02 This Blood's For You.mp3 2.402.02.27 22:31:56MDCThis Blood's For You1987Millions Of Damn ChristiansZodiacAlbums.com0:02:33128S44
12 Your Death Wish Is Sick.mp3 2.402.02.27 22:56:45MDCYour Death Wish Is Sick1987Millions Of Damn ChristiansZodiacAlbums.com0:02:30128S44
05 Chock Full Of Shit.mp3 3.302.02.27 22:41:13MDCChock Full Of Shit1987Millions Of Damn ChristiansZodiacAlbums.com0:03:31128S44
09 Politician.mp3 3.602.02.27 22:50:16MDCPolitician1987Millions Of Damn ChristiansZodiacAlbums.com0:03:46128S44
01 Millions Of Christians.mp3 1.902.02.27 22:29:02MDCMillions Of Christians1987Millions Of Damn ChristiansZodiacAlbums.com0:02:02128S44
14 Police Related Death.mp3 3.502.02.27 23:04:15MDCPolice Related Death1987Millions Of Damn ChristiansZodiacAlbums.com0:03:43128S44
04 Bye Bye Ronnie.mp3 2.502.02.27 22:36:19MDCBye Bye Ronnie1987Millions Of Damn ChristiansZodiacAlbums.com0:02:37128S44
Mdc - Millions Of Dead Cops.mp3 19:53:14MDCMillions Of Dead Cops1991Hey Cop, If I Had A Face Like Yo
Mdc - Born To Die.mp3 2.803.08.12 19:47:25MDCBorn to DieMillions of Dead Cops
Maijer_Danny_-_Millions_of_UFO_s.mp3 2.7Maijer, DannyMillions of UFO's0:02:54128S44
Mop_-_Millions_of_tears.mp3 1.604.01.29 18:58:28Memories of painMillions of tearsOut of memory0:01:40128S44
Chefkirk_millions Of Chickens.mp3 15:24:12chefkirkmillions of chickens2004Tax Cuts for Nose Jobssnse043