bstAC/DC's Music From Bon Scott Area


In winter 2004 the members of the band, named OMEN found out to give a concert tributing to Bon Scott. This concert was dated onto the 30th anniversary of the first edition of an AC/DC record. The concert included only songs which were born between 1974-1979. It was so successful that since then the band performed this show several times. OMEN is a front-rank hungarian metal band that has published 9 CDs up to now. Since the 80’s the members of OMEN played in several headliner bands, like BIKINI, POKOLGÉP, OSSIAN. Till today they operate in several projects, they are active in playing music. Up to now they can be heared on 80 CDs.


TIBOR GUBÁS -vocals / from 2004 Vocalist of OMEN/
ZSOLT DACZI -lead guitar / 1989-2004 BIKINI, from 2003 guitarrist of OMEN/
LÁSZLÓ NAGYFI - rhythm guitar / 1983-1990 POKOLGÉP, in 1990 founder of OMEN/
ZOLTÁN NAGYFI -drums / 1989-OSSIAN, in 1990 founder of OMEN/
GÁBOR VÖRÖS - bass / 1989-1994 OSSIAN, 1995-2000 FAHRENHEIT, from 2003 member of OMEN/






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