World Championship 2010
23 of July - 31 of July

F2A Correction 29/09/2010

There is a mistake in one of the lower placings of the F2A individual results for the World Champs. Places 18 & 19 should be Praus and then Lyhne-Hansen. The modified F2A result is available



Transitrace Log Files 29/08/2010

We uploaded the primary system Transitrace logs for the World
Championships, as well as for the World Cup, identified by their file
names with the dates in them.

WCH round 2 flights first attempts are identified as round 1, but the
date makes it clear it is round 2. Same for the secondary system.
For a few flights the secondary system was used for the official

Files: 07.23. - 07.24. - 07.27. - 07.29. - 07.30.



Official results 02/08/2010

The official results are available under the "Results".