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Teacher of English - Angoltanár - Angol tanár

Telephoning - Meetings - Presentations - Negotiations

Socialising - Memos and Reports

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Üzleti Angol Nyelv Budapesten!

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Do you need an experienced teacher of English?
Are you satisfied with your Business English skills?
If so, you are the lucky one...
If not, consider using the service
of an expert in the field.
Give it a try and your English will sound more natural.
Why not learn from a professional tutor with custom-made
teaching materials working in the field of business?
Presentations, meetings,
telephone English, negotiations, social English
and many more...
Sounds nice, doesn't it?

Should you be interested and motivated enough,
drop me a line...

Important information!

Classes are held in Budapest at the student's location preferably.
Most clients are companies but at times
I encourage private students as well to get in touch with me...


Sample Exercise I.
Sample exercise II.

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