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Ephesians-Position_and_Provision_28. 04:21:08Pastor John Griffith28 Doctrine of the Church Part2003Ephesians - Position - Provision0:58:57 32M22
Ephesians-Position_and_Provision_30.15.403.06.30 18:44:29Pastor John Griffith30 Doctrine of the Church Part2003Ephesians - Position - Provision1:04:25 32M22
Ephesians-Position_and_Provision_19. 04:43:38Pastor John Griffith19 Being Made Alive With Chris2003Ephesians - Position - Provision1:15:32 32M22
Ephesians-Position_and_Provision_31.13.303.06.30 19:04:15Pastor John Griffith31 Doctrine of the Church Part2003Ephesians - Position - Provision0:55:30 32M22
Ephesians-Position_and_Provision_40. 17:23:37Pastor John Griffith40 Petition 1 Strengthened by2003Ephesians - Position - Provision1:03:09 32M22
Ephesians-Position_and_Provision_38. 05:07:46Pastor John Griffith38 Grace Wealth of Christ - Pa2003Ephesians - Position - Provision1:12:03 32M22
Ephesians-Position_and_Provision_37.17.603.07.19 04:59:44Pastor John Griffith37 The Uniqueness and Nature o2003Ephesians - Position - Provision1:13:36 32M22
Ephesians-Position_and_Provision_36.14.903.07.19 04:52:31Pastor John Griffith36 Pauls Responsibility as a S2003Ephesians - Position - Provision1:02:25 32M22
Ephesians-Position_and_Provision_20.15.303.06.23 04:49:36Pastor John Griffith20 Made Alive - Raised Up - Se2003Ephesians - Position - Provision1:04:06 32M22
Ephesians-Position_and_Provision_32.14.303.07.19 04:27:33Pastor John Griffith32 Doctrine of the Church Part2003Ephesians - Position - Provision0:59:43 32M22
Ephesians-Position_and_Provision_29.15.903.06.27 18:24:01Pastor John Griffith29 Doctrine of the Church Part2003Ephesians - Position - Provision1:06:15 32M22
Ephesians-Position_and_Provision_21.15.803.06.23 04:57:49Pastor John Griffith21 Display of Grace - New Crea2003Ephesians - Position - Provision1:06:10 32M22
Ephesians-Position_and_Provision_24. 05:30:10Pastor John Griffith24 Access - Role of the Spiri2003Ephesians - Position - Provision1:19:58 32M22
Ephesians-Position_and_Provision_54. 7.703.09.01 19:41:57Pastor John Griffith54 Things to Know to Combat Fa2003Ephesians - Position - Provision0:57:44 18M11
Ephesians-Position_and_Provision_49. 05:35:22Pastor John Griffith49 And He Gave Some Prophets -Ephesians - Position - Provision1:00:10 18M11
Ephesians-Position_and_Provision_35.18.903.07.19 04:44:38Pastor John Griffith35 Doctrine of the Church Part2003Ephesians - Position - Provision1:19:08 32M22
Ephesians-Position_and_Provision_51. 7.603.09.01 04:42:42Pastor John Griffith51 The Sheep - Shepherd Metaph2003Ephesians - Position - Provision0:56:56 18M11
Ephesians-Position_and_Provision_52. 04:57:53Pastor John Griffith52 Objective of the Gifts - Un2003Ephesians - Position - Provision0:59:34 18M11
Ephesians-Position_and_Provision_53. 05:10:48Pastor John Griffith53 Things to Know to Combat Fa2003Ephesians - Position - Provision1:08:14 18M11
Ephesians-Position_and_Provision_34. 04:38:33Pastor John Griffith34 Doctrine of the Church Part2003Ephesians - Position - Provision1:11:14 32M22
Ephesians-Position_and_Provision_45. 7.503.10.31 15:52:10Pastor John Griffith45 Virtues Crucial to Unity in2003Ephesians - Position - Provision0:56:04 18M11
Ephesians-Position_and_Provision_43. 7.703.10.31 05:27:25Pastor John Griffith43 Petition #4 Filled to the F2003Ephesians - Position - Provision0:57:06 18M11
Ephesians-Position_and_Provision_47. 17:18:41Pastor John Griffith47 Christ Gave Gifts to the Ch2003Ephesians - Position - Provision1:08:22 18M11
Ephesians-Position_and_Provision_48. 7.703.10.31 05:33:15Pastor John Griffith48 And He Gave Some Apostles2003Ephesians - Position - Provision0:57:45 18M11
Ephesians-Position_and_Provision_39. 18:47:05Pastor John Griffith39 Boldness and Confident Acce2003Ephesians - Position - Provision1:03:09 32M22
Ephesians-Position_and_Provision_27.17.603.06.23 04:14:35Pastor John Griffith27 Doctrine of the Church Part2003Ephesians - Position - Provision1:13:27 32M22
Ephesians-Position_and_Provision_46. 16:54:31Pastor John Griffith46 Foundation of Unity - Trini2003Ephesians - Position - Provision0:53:49 18M11
Ephesians-Position_and_Provision_50. 05:37:37Pastor John Griffith50 Terms of the Function of Pa2003Ephesians - Position - Provision1:07:32 18M11
Ephesians-Position_and_Provision_44. 05:30:04Pastor John Griffith44 Objective To Walk Worthy of2003Ephesians - Position - Provision1:08:52 18M11