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All participated organisations absolved their tasks and submitted the final report. The project was very useful both for adult learners and trainers. Everybody learned a lot. By the international cooperation, participants became familiar with the cultural history of other nations, especially in the field of ceramics and mosaics. They became acquainted not only with traditional methods, but they learned a lot about contemporary art, too. They have obtained very good practice due to the courses. From the participants of the project, they formed good communities in the countries and all of them found good friends at international level.

Study trip to Greece

In accordance with the mobility scheduled by the project a delegation of nine Hungarian members paid a visit to Greece between 6th and 10th November, 2011. The trip was originally planned for the mosaic group but two ceramic members also joined it. They took an active part in the preparatory work of a special kiln. Beside viewing several antique and modern mosaics the group had the possibility to learn two different mosaic techniques, as well. During the trip full of pleasant memories all the participants could show their creativity.