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060603-02-EmotionSickness.mp314.004.01.23 00:02:20SilverchairEmotion Sickness6.6.20Rock Am Ring 2003
060603-04-Israel'sSon.mp3 00:08:24SilverchairIsrael's Son6.6.20Rock Am Ring 20030:22:08 56S22
Wildest Dreams.mp3 11:08:39Iron MaidenWildest Dreams2003Live at Rock am Ring 2003Wishmaster
060603-16-AnthemForTheYear2000.mp3 6.804.06.10 11:08:08SilverchairAnthem For The Year 20006.6.20Rock Am Ring 20030:16:25 56S22
060603-13-Ana'sSong(OpenFire).mp3 11:08:04SilverchairAna's Song6.6.20Rock Am Ring 20030:38:38 18S11
T Rock Am Ring 2003.mp3 0.603.04.05 21:16:36Tony KaufmannT "Rock am Ring 2003"2003Copyright by Tony Ka0:00:38128S44
07 - 22 Acacia Avenue.mp3 17:55:09Iron Maiden22 Acacia Avenue2003Rock AM Ring 20030:06:22192S44
03 - Die With Your Boots On.mp3 7.804.03.18 17:37:50Iron MaidenDie With Your Boots On2003Rock AM Ring 20030:05:28192S44
01 - The Number Of The Beast.mp3 17:28:19Iron MaidenThe Number Of The Beast2003Rock AM Ring 20030:04:58192S44
16 - Iron Maiden.mp316.104.03.18 18:55:21Iron MaidenIron Maiden2003Rock AM Ring 20030:11:12192S44
12 - The Clansman.mp313.604.03.18 18:18:02Iron MaidenThe Clansman2003Rock AM Ring 20030:09:28192S44
13 - The Clairvoyant.mp3 6.804.03.18 18:21:52Iron MaidenThe Clairvoyant2003Rock AM Ring 20030:04:47192S44
11 - Brave New World.mp313.204.03.18 18:10:30Iron MaidenBrave New World2003Rock AM Ring 20030:09:10192S44
10 - The Wicker Man.mp3 6.604.03.18 18:03:18Iron MaidenThe Wickerman2003Rock AM Ring 20030:04:36192S44
05 - Revelations.mp3 17:43:38Iron MaidenRevelations2003Rock AM Ring 20030:06:18192S44
04 - Speech.mp3 17:38:35Iron MaidenSpeech2003Rock AM Ring 20030:00:54192S44
02 - The Trooper.mp3 5.804.03.18 17:32:20Iron MaidenThe Trooper2003Rock AM Ring 20030:04:05192S44
09 - Wildest Dreams.mp3 5.404.03.18 17:59:39Iron MaidenWildest Dreams2003Rock AM Ring 20030:03:47192S44
18 - 2 Minutes To Midnight.mp314.204.03.18 19:09:41Iron Maiden2 Minutes To Midnight2003Rock AM Ring 20030:39:40 48S32
06 - Hallowed Be Thy Name.mp311.804.03.18 17:50:10Iron MaidenHallowed Be Thy Name2003Rock AM Ring 20030:08:15192S44
15 - Fear Of The Dark.mp311.004.03.18 18:34:12Iron MaidenFear Of The Dark2003Rock AM Ring 20030:07:39192S44
19 - Run To The Hills.mp3 19:13:38Iron MaidenRun To The Hills2003Rock AM Ring 20030:04:11192S44
08 - Speech 2.mp3 2.704.03.18 17:56:40Iron MaidenSpeech2003Rock AM Ring 20030:01:53192S44
17 - Bring Your Daughter To The Slau10.904.03.18 19:01:46Iron MaidenBring Your Daughter To The Sla2003Rock AM Ring 20030:07:35192S44
14 - Heaven Can Wait.mp311.104.03.18 18:28:02Iron MaidenHeaven Can Wait2003Rock AM Ring 20030:07:45192S44

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