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5.6.1 Step 1: Links to Required Tools and Data

To get started creating your own maps, we assume you have downloaded and installed the following tools from the Internet. WorldCraft 3.3 and `map2cs' require a quite complex setup, which we shall explain later in this tutorial.

Links to Required Tools and Data

Links to Optional and Alternative Tools

We assume you will use the following structure to install your programs. You can use any structure you like, but for the purposes of this tutorial it will be assumed you have the following directory structure:


Here is a quick summary of each of the subdirectories:

CS - Root directory of the Crystal Space distribution.

Maps - Put your own or downloaded or created map files (`.map' and `.rmf') here.

Quark - If you wish to use Quark, install it here.

Wads - Put all texture files (`.wad' and `.pk3') here.

Wally - If you wish to use Wally, install it here.

WorldCraft - Install WorldCraft here.

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