Speeding up compilation/ linking process (Views: 100)


When minor change in any file and re-run project in Delphi compile and link time is very long.(2 minutes) How can I speed compile and link process?


While developing your project I'd suggest you to compile it with runtime packages, then when the time comes, you recompile everything into your EXE again, this will speed it up.
I've also been working with a rather big project and also experienced that kind of problem since my processor is rather out-dated. I'd also suggest you to divide your code ( if your code is not a mixture of every unit in you project ) into packages, this will help you to have a better organization, and will even speed up more you compile time since you'll be compiling only the unit you are willing to debug.
Compiling every unit in your project every time you make a minor change will make you waste a lot of time.
Runtime Packages are a great tool for developing projects.

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