Editor macro recording in Delphi (Views: 100)


Is there a feature in Delphi 5 that lets you record your keystrokes and then allows you to re-play it any number of times?


Ctrl+Shift+R                             : Start Recording
Ctrl+Shift+R  (again)  : Stop Recording
Ctrl+Shift+P                       : Play it

You can't save your recording, though.

It has several features that make it very powerful:

Ability to record copy, cut and paste keystrokes (Ctrl-C, Ctrl-X and Ctrl-V).

Abilty to record Ctrl-Left and Crtl-Right cursor movements - useful for navigating on several lines of similar structure but varying lengths.

Ability to record the Incremental search keystroke (Ctrl-E) which makes it easy to record a macro that will search for the next occurance of a string and then carry out further manipulation of the text.

Another good feature in D5: Quick navigating between class declaration and implementation using Shitf+Control+Cursor Up/Down. That will jump from the definition to the implementation and back. Very handy!

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