Change an ISAPI dll project to a CGI project, or vice-versa (Views: 101)


How do I change an ISAPI dll project to a CGI project, or vice-versa?  


The easiest way to do this is with conditional build and defining the target in the source. By simply commenting the {$define dll} line, you can build an EXE instead of a DLL.

Create a new Web Server Application by choosing "File->New, Web Server Application", and selecting a "ISAPI/NSAPI Dynamic Link Library." After the project has been created, save it, and click "Project->View Source." Copy and paste the sample code from below into the project source.

// Comment or uncomment the line below to change from an ISAPI dll
// to a CGI app or vice-versa
//{$define dll}

{$IFNDEF dll}program Project;
{$APPTYPE CONSOLE}{$ELSE}library Project;

uses WebBroker, {$IFDEF dll}ISAPIApp, {$ELSE}CGIApp, {$ENDIF}unit in 'Unit .pas'
{WebModule : TWebModule};

{$R *.RES}

{$IFDEF dll}exports GetExtensionVersion, HttpExtensionProc, TerminateExtension;

  Application.CreateForm(TWebModule, WebModule);

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