How to connect a TRadioGroup to a TCheckListBox (Views: 100)


I have a form that contains a radio groupbox with 4 items associated with it and a checklistbox with 4 items as well. In this case the radio box dictates which items in a checklistbox can be selected. For example, if the radio groupbox is set to item 3, that means only the first 3 items in the checklistbox can be selected. Therefore, if the user changes the radiobox setting to the second item, only the first 2 selections in the checklistbox are allowed to be marked and the third item that was previously checked should be cleared.


procedure MyProc(RadioBoxSender: TRadioGroup; CheckListBoxSender: TCheckListBox);
  I: Integer;
  with CheckListBoxSender do
    for i := 1 to 3 do { no need to do 0}
      if i > RadioBoxSender.ItemIndex then
        checked[i] := false;

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