Where in the project files does Delphi store icons? (Views: 100)


After I add an icon to Project, Options, Application, what file(s) must I back up (or update to my version control system) to be sure the changes are backed up?


The .res file contains the icon and version information. The .dof file also contains this, but it can be erased safely as it is refreshed from the .res file whenever you load a project into the IDE.

The command line compiler uses the .res file only. The IDE uses both. I would strongly recommend not saving the .dof file to your version control system since it can also contain things that you don't want stored there, such as a list of components to be loaded when starting the project -- if Joe is developing a component and he saves his .dof file to the vcs, Ralph may end up not being able to start Delphi because Joe's component still needs work or isn't installed on Ralph's machine.

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