HTML Help File implementation in Delphi (Views: 102)


How do I implement HTML help in my application?


There is not much info around about Help file implementation in an application, let alone HTML Help!!! But an Australian company has made it alot easier for us. Visit this site and see how easy it is to use the new Microsoft HTML Help system. You simply create your help file in MS Frontpage or similar and then compile it with the MS HTML HELP KIT. Use the Unit supplied and use the following simple procedure to reference the correct heading in the HTML file:

HHDisplayTopic('mtshelp.chm', 'departmentsgroups.htm', '', htHHAPI);

Here is HelpWares address : http://www.helpware.net/delphi/delphi_and_hh.htm

Download "The Kit"

I have used this unit very successfully!

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