Function to Determine Oracle Version Number (Views: 100)


Function to Determine Oracle Version Number


This function gets the connected Oracle version. It returns the version info in 3 OUT parameters.

        VerNum                        : double         eg. 7.23
        VerStrShort         : string                 eg. ''
        VerStrLong         : string                 eg. 'Oracle7 Server Release - Production Release'

I have tested it with Oracle 7.2 and 8.17. I assume it should work for the others (not too sure about Oracle 9 though). Any feedback and fixes for different versions would be appreciated.

The TQuery parameter that it recieves is a TQuery component that is connected to an open database connection.

Example :

  VNum: double;
  VShort: string;
  VLong: string;
  GetOraVersion(MySql, VNum, VShort, VLong);
  Label1.Caption := FloatToStr(VNum);
  Label2.Caption := VShort;
  Label3.Caption := VLong;

procedure GetOraVersion(Query: TQuery;
                                                                                          out VerNum: double;
                                                                                          out VerStrShort: string;
                                                                                          out VerStrLong: string);
  sTmp: string;
  cKey: char;
  i: integer;
  Query.SQL.Text := 'select banner from v$version ' +
                                                                     'where banner like ' + QuotedStr('Oracle%');

  if not Query.Eof then
    VerStrLong := Query.Fields[0].AsString
    // Don't know this version
    VerStrLong := '?';
    VerNum := 0.0;
    VerStrShort := '?.?.?.?';


  if VerStrLong <> '?' then
    cKey := VerStrLong[7]; // eg. Oracle7 or Oracle8i
    VerStrLong[7] := 'X'; // Mask it out
    sTmp := copy(VerStrLong, pos(cKey, VerStrLong), 1024);
    VerStrShort := copy(sTmp, 1, pos(' ', sTmp) - 1);
    sTmp := copy(VerStrShort, 1, pos('.', VerStrShort));

    for i := length(sTmp) + 1 to length(VerStrShort) do
      if VerStrShort[i] <> '.' then
        sTmp := sTmp + VerStrShort[i];

    VerNum := StrToFloat(sTmp);
    VerStrLong[7] := cKey; // Put correct character back

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