Write multiple values to a bookmark in Word (Views: 100)


How can I add rows at the end of a wordtable even when I have vertically merged cells? I always receive the error message "cannot access individual rows in this collection because the table has vertically merged cells"! The recorded word macro simple add a row by "selection.insertrows 1", but I have problems converting this into a Delphi statement (defining the right selection etc.).


I've been automating MS Word, using bookmarks. Sometimes I need to write multiple values to one bookmark. I pass the values to the following routine as comma-text in the AValue parameter. It works fine with D5 using the Word97 unit and MS Word 2000 executable. Hope it helps.

{ ... }
FMSWord := CreateComObject(CLASS_WordApplication) as WordApplication;
{ ... }

procedure TLTWordDocHandler.PopulateListBookMark(const ABookMarkName:
  string; const AValue: Widestring);
  i: integer;
  LBMName: OleVariant;
  MoveUnit: OleVariant;
  NumRows: OleVariant;
  WorkingList: TStringList;
  LBMName := ABookMarkName;
  if FMSWord.Selection.Tables.Count = 0 then
    raise Exception.Create(Format(sBookmarkNotInTable, [ABookmarkName]));
  MoveUnit := wdCell;
  NumRows := 1;
  WorkingList := TStringList.Create;
    WorkingList.CommaText := AValue;
    for i := 0 to WorkingList.Count - 1 do
      if not (i = (WorkingList.Count - 1)) then
        FMSWord.Selection.MoveRight(MoveUnit, EmptyParam, EmptyParam);
          {97 & 2000 compliant}

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