How to store a text file in a resource and display the lines in a TStringGrid at runtime (Views: 101)


I am trying to work out how to store approximately 1000 lines of text (3 columns, 30 chars each) inside an application. I want to read the values and then display them in a TStringGrid and do some further manipulation.


If you want to read the data into a stringgrid a way to do that without building a class around the resource data would be this. You start by placing the data into a file and the file into a resource as detailed in Tip Number 1004. Loading this data into a TStringGrid would work like this:

procedure LoadResourceIntoGrid(grid: TStringGrid);
  rs: TResourceStream;
  numElements: Integer;
  datarec: TFileData;
  i: Integer;
  rs := TResourceStream.Create(hInstance, 'FILEDATA', RT_RCDATA);
    numElements := rs.Size div Sizeof(numElements);
    grid.Perform(WM_SETREDRAW, 0, 0);
      grid.RowCount := numElements + 1; {assuming a header row}
      {following assumes grids colcount has been set correctly already}
      for i := 1 to numElements do
        rs.ReadBuffer(datarec, sizeof(datarec));
        grid.Cells[grid.FixedCols, i] := datarec.col1;
        grid.Cells[grid.FixedCols + 1, i] := datarec.col2;
        grid.Cells[grid.FixedCols + 2, i] := datarec.col3;
      grid.Perform(WM_SETREDRAW, 1, 0);

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