How to autosize columns in a TDBGrid (Views: 101)


How to autosize columns in a TDBGrid


This procedure will let you define the general layout of the grid at design-time by creating static columns for the grid, confident that proportions between columns will be maintained at run-time regardless of whether the user resizes the grid. To enable this new feature, disable column sizing for the grid (dgColSizing set to False in the grid options) and make a call to the new procedure in the OnResize event of the form holding the grid.

unit AdjustGrid;


  Windows, Forms, DBGrids;

procedure AdjustColumnWidths(DBGrid: TDBGrid);


procedure AdjustColumnWidths(DBGrid: TDBGrid);
  TotalColumnWidth, ColumnCount, GridClientWidth, Filler, i: Integer;
  ColumnCount := DBGrid.Columns.Count;
  if ColumnCount = 0 then
  {compute total width used by grid columns and vertical lines if any}
  TotalColumnWidth := 0;
  for i := 0 to ColumnCount - 1 do
    TotalColumnWidth := TotalColumnWidth + DBGrid.Columns[i].Width;
  if dgColLines in DBGrid.Options then
    {include vertical lines in total (one per column)}
    TotalColumnWidth := TotalColumnWidth + ColumnCount;
  {compute grid client width by excluding vertical scrollbar, grid indicator and grid border}
  GridClientWidth := DBGrid.Width - GetSystemMetrics(SM_CXVSCROLL);
  if dgIndicator in DBGrid.Options then
    GridClientWidth := GridClientWidth - IndicatorWidth;
    if dgColLines in DBGrid.Options then
  if DBGrid.BorderStyle = bsSingle then
    if DBGrid.Ctl3D then {border is sunken (vertical border is 2 pixels wide)}
      GridClientWidth := GridClientWidth - 4
    else {border is one-dimensional (vertical border is one pixel wide)}
      GridClientWidth := GridClientWidth - 2;
  {adjust column widths}
  if TotalColumnWidth < GridClientWidth then
    Filler := (GridClientWidth - TotalColumnWidth) div ColumnCount;
    for i := 0 to ColumnCount - 1 do
      DBGrid.Columns[i].Width := DBGrid.Columns[i].Width + Filler;
  else if TotalColumnWidth > GridClientWidth then
    Filler := (TotalColumnWidth - GridClientWidth) div ColumnCount;
    if (TotalColumnWidth - GridClientWidth) mod ColumnCount <> 0 then
    for i := 0 to ColumnCount - 1 do
      DBGrid.Columns[i].Width := DBGrid.Columns[i].Width - Filler;

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