Add a bitmap to a menu item (Views: 2)


Add a bitmap to a menu item


Just follow these steps:

Create a Picture and store it as a file 'img.bmp'.
Use the SetMenuItemBitmaps API call to connect the Picture to the Menu with these parameters:
MenuItemFile is the name given to the horizontal Menuitem, e.g. "File", "Edit", "Help"
0,1 ... is the position of the item on which you want to place the bitmap. (start counting with 0)
The first of the two bitmap handles is the one for the bitmap displayed for the unchecked menuitem
The second bitmap handle is the one for the checked menuitem. They may be the same.

All this can by coded in the .Create of a form.

Try to make the picture not to large, or it will not be displayed completely. Only the right-top of the bitmap will be displayed.

Finally, here's the code:

  Bmp1: TPicture;


  Bmp1 := TPicture.Create;
  SetMenuItemBitmaps(MenuItemTest.Handle, 0, MF_BYPOSITION,
    Bmp1.Bitmap.Handle, Bmp1.Bitmap.Handle);

Don't forget to free the bitmap Bmp1 e.g. when you destroy your form.

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