How to hide the font size list in a TFontDialog (Views: 100)


How can I completely hide the fontsize selection combobox in the font dialog? I have manipulated some properties of the fontdialog but the combobox where you pick the font size is always visible. Furthermore, I want to keep the preview of the font but with a fixed font size.


Set the fdLimitSize option in the dialogs Options to true and specifiy the same size for the MinFontsize and Maxfontsize property.

Hide the font size list. This requires a bit of spy work to determine the control IDs in the dialog. Once this has been done you can attach a handler to the fontdialogs Onshow handler:

procedure TForm1.FontDialog1Show(Sender: TObject);
  EnableWindow(GetDlgItem(fontdialog1.handle, 1138), false);
  EnableWindow(GetDlgItem(fontdialog1.handle, 1090), false);
  ShowWindow(GetDlgItem(fontdialog1.handle, 1138), SW_HIDE);
  ShowWindow(GetDlgItem(fontdialog1.handle, 1090), SW_HIDE);

1138 is the handle of the font size combobox (it is a combobox, despite looking like an edit with a list box below it), 1090 the text label above it. Without disabling the controls the accelerator for the size box will close the dialog for some reason.

For the future: the spy works done here was performed this way:

procedure TForm1.Button1Click(Sender: TObject);

function EnumProc(wnd: HWND; lines: TStrings): BOOL; stdcall;
  buf, caption: array[0..255] of char;
  result := True;
  GetClassname(wnd, buf, 256);
  GetWindowText(wnd, caption, 256);
  lines.add(format('ID: %d, class: %s, caption: %s', [GetDlgCtrlID(wnd), buf,

procedure TForm1.FontDialog1Show(Sender: TObject);
  EnumChildWindows(fontdialog1.handle, @EnumProc, integer(memo1.lines));

{Output in memo:

ID: 1088, class: Static, caption: Schrift&art:
ID: 1136, class: ComboBox, caption: MS Sans Serif
ID: 1000, class: ComboLBox, caption:
ID: 1001, class: Edit, caption: MS Sans Serif
ID: 1089, class: Static, caption: &Schriftschnitt:
ID: 1137, class: ComboBox, caption: Standard
ID: 1000, class: ComboLBox, caption:
ID: 1001, class: Edit, caption: Standard
ID: 1090, class: Static, caption: &Grad:
ID: 1138, class: ComboBox, caption: 8
ID: 1000, class: ComboLBox, caption:
ID: 1001, class: Edit, caption: 8
ID: 1, class: Button, caption: OK
ID: 2, class: Button, caption: Abbrechen
ID: 1026, class: Button, caption: &bernehmen
ID: 1038, class: Button, caption: &Hilfe
ID: 1072, class: Button, caption: Darstellung
ID: 1040, class: Button, caption: &Durchgestrichen
ID: 1041, class: Button, caption: &Unterstrichen
ID: 1091, class: Static, caption: &Farbe:
ID: 1139, class: ComboBox, caption: Schwarz
ID: 1073, class: Button, caption: Muster
ID: 1092, class: Static, caption: AaBbYyZz
ID: 1093, class: Static, caption:
ID: 1094, class: Static, caption: S&chrift:
ID: 1140, class: ComboBox, caption: Western

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