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What is DelphiX?


DelphiX is a very good DirectX implementation with 12 visual components for the Delphi versions 3, 4 and 5. The componets were programmed by Hiroyuki Hori (his homepage:  http://www.yks.ne.jp/~hori/index-e.html). DelphiX supports all DirectX technologies (DirectDraw, Direct3D, DirectPlay, DirectInput...) to program high performance graphic applications with Delphi.

This components are:

TDXDraw                                - DirectDraw surface for graphic output
TDXDIB                                - DIB-Image
TDXImageList                - Imagelist of DIB-Images
TDX3D                                        - Direct3D support for TDXDraw surface
TDXSound                        - DirectSound support
TDXWave                                - Soundfile-component for DirectSound
TDXWaveList                - Soundfile-list
TDXInput                                - DirectInput, controller support
TDXPlay                                - DirectPlay, for multiplayer network games
TDXSpriteEngine        - Spriteengine for DirectDraw-surface
TDXTimer                        - High-performance Timer
TDXPaintBox                - Like TPaintbox but faster

Related links:

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- http://www.microsoft.com/directx

Hori's homepage    
- http://www.yks.ne.jp/~hori/index-e.html

DelphiX download
- http://www.yks.ne.jp/~hori/DelphiX-e.html

Game FinalFighter, programmed using DelphiX
- http://www.finalfighter.com

Good page about DelphiX
- http://turbo.gamedev.net/delphix.asp

Component Download: http://www.yks.ne.jp/~hori/DelphiX-e.html

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