Extract WAV files from Audio CD (Views: 100)


Not a real, professional way, but it works. You can also select what tipe of file to grab (bitrate, mono/stereo, Hz).


Simply use that trick to made your rippers/grabers:

(don't know if it work on NT / 2000)

Download the substitutive FSCD.VXD from the Net and substitute to your original located in
\Windows\System\IOSubSys directory.

I suppose it needs a reboot.

In your program, in the "Grab" button just put in the function that calculates the location of the file and makes a copy of it.

( probabily this will not work, but it demonstrates how to make)

procedure TfrmMain.cmdGrabClick(Sender: TObject);
  mHz: string;
  mBr: string;
  mStereo: string;
  mTrack: string;
  mFile: string;
  case rgHz.ItemIndex of
    0: mHz := '11025kHz';
    1: mHz := '22050kHz';
    2: mHz := '44100kHz';
    mHz := '48000kHz';
  if (rgBr.ItemIndex = 0) then
    mBr := '8bit'
    mBr := '16bit';
  if (chkStereo.Cheched) then
    mStereo := 'Stereo'
    mStereo := 'Mono';
  mTrack := 'Track ' + cboTrack.Text + '.wav';

  mFile := cboDrive.Text + ':\' + mStereo + '\' + mHz + '\' + mBr + '\' + mTrack;
  // Copy now the file in mFile.


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