How to implement an OnMouseDown event for the buttons of a TRadioGroup (Views: 100)


I have created a decendant of TRadioGroup called TSuperRadioGroup. With this new control, I have surfaced the onmousedown event. But the event is only triggered when the mouse goes down on the border or caption of the Group, not the Radio Buttons themselves.


The solution I use is to register a window procedure for the radiobuttons. You can trap the Windows messages there.

procedure TSuperRadioGroup.RegisterWndProc;
  BtnHnd: hWnd;
  ItrBtn: Integer;
  HasWndProc := True;
  BtnHnd := GetWindow(Handle, GW_CHILD);
  ItrBtn := 0;
  while BtnHnd > 0 do
    if GetWindowLong(BtnHnd, GWL_USERDATA) <> 0 then
      raise Exception.Create('Userdata may not be used');
    ButtonHandle[ItrBtn] := BtnHnd;
    OrigWndProc[ItrBtn] := GetWindowLong(BtnHnd, GWL_WNDPROC);
    SetWindowLong(BtnHnd, GWL_USERDATA, Longint(self));
    SetWindowLong(BtnHnd, GWL_WNDPROC, Longint(@RadioBtnWndProc));
    BtnHnd := GetWindow(BtnHnd, GW_HWNDNEXT);

In the RadioBtnWndProc window procedure you can use this code to get at the radiogroup object and the specific button:

Obj := TObject(GetWindowLong(WndHnd, GWL_USERDATA));
if Obj is TSuperRadioGroup then
  RadioGrp := TSuperRadioGroup(Obj);
  for ItrBtn := 0 to RadioGrp.Items.Count - 1 do
    if WndHnd = RadioGrp.ButtonHandle[ItrBtn] then
      OrigWndProc := RadioGrp.OrigWndProc[ItrBtn];

If the message is not completely handled, you need to call the original wndproc at the end of your specialized wndproc:

Result := CallWindowProc(Pointer(OrigWndProc), WndHnd, Msg, WParam, LParam);

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