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How do i connect to a remote firebird database server?


Firebird/Interbase Databases
A Firebird database is a single file - normally either *.fdb or *.gdb - all the tables are stored in that file.
To create a new alias, follow the instructions above, select the INTRBASE driver, and set the following parameters.

Property  Value  Comments
Server Name     This is the fully qualified *.fdb or *.gdb file
User Name  SYSDBA  For employee.gdb, the default password is masterkey

Warning:  If the focus is in an Opened Interbase/Firebird table when Object / New... is selected, it is possible that you will create a new table or a new field instead of a new alias.

To connect to a remote firebird server, you MUST include the drive letter after the computer name.

CompName:C:\Program Files\Common Files\Borland Shared\Data\employee.gdb

The Interbase help says that the following format is also acceptable in ISQL - but it definitely does NOT work in the Database Explore.
\\CompName\C:\Program Files\Common Files\Borland Shared\Data\employee.gdb

Firebird is the open source version of Borland's Interbase database server.


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