My Delphi help file does not show up (Views: 100)


When you hit F1 in your Delphi IDE or you select in the through the Help menu the item 'Index', do you experience an empty help window? Does the help file appear to you to be corrupted?


No, you do not have to worry. There is a simple explanation for this situation. Most likely you have added too many help files to your help index.

The problem is that the WinHelp application has a very limited number of indexes that it can display and you may have just gone beyond its limit.

Unfortunately the only solution is that you will have to remove some "less important" help files from your index.
So open the Help menu, choose "Customize" (this is for Delphi version five, in earlier Delphi versions you need to use an external tool that comes with Delphi) and start removing items from the Index tab that you do not need until the index reappears.

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