Change the font of all controls on a form at runtime (Views: 100)


How to change the font of all controls on a form at runtime


By default all controls have ParentFont = true, so if you did not change that for specific controls you could just change the forms Font property, e.g. in code attached to the Screen.OnActiveFormChange event. If you cannot rely on all controls having Parentfont = true you would have to loop over all controls on the form and set the font property for each or at least for those that have ParentFont set to false. You can use the routines from unit TypInfo for that, they allow you to access published properties by name. The code, again sitting in a handler for Screen.onActiveFormChange, would be something like this:



procedure ModifyFontsFor(ctrl: TWinControl);

  procedure ModifyFont(ctrl: TControl);
    f: TFont;
    if IsPublishedProp(ctrl, 'Parentfont') and (GetOrdProp(ctrl, 'Parentfont') =
      Ord(false)) and IsPublishedProp(ctrl, 'font') then
      f := TFont(GetObjectProp(ctrl, 'font', TFont));
      f.Name := 'Symbol';

  i: Integer;
  for i := 0 to ctrl.controlcount - 1 do
    if ctrl.controls[i] is TWinControl then

Remember to add TypInfo to your uses clause.

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