Assign TForm.Icon at run time (Views: 100)


Assign TForm.Icon at run time


ImageEdit is not good. Try to get Borland's Resource Workshop or paint with paintbrush and use a freeware converter to convert from BMP to ICO, write a little resource script (*.rc) refering to the ICO file and compile it to *.res with BRCC.EXE (comes with Delphi).

Use {$R xxx.res} to include it. Then you may use the API function

HICON LoadIcon(
  HINSTANCE hInstance, // handle of application instance
  LPCTSTR lpIconName // icon-name string or icon resource identifier

Take this handle (HICON) with the message WM_SETICON to assign it to your form:

SendMessage(Form1.Handle, WM_SETICON, false, iconhandle);

Note: 3rd parameter = icon size (true -> large icon; false -> small icon).

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