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01 - He Feels Guilty Now.mp3 3.701.07.22 03:07:56Gecko Temple01 - He Feels Guilty NowThrough the Windows of the Templ0:03:54
09 - Wiggle One's Butt.mp3 3.801.07.22 03:08:26Gecko Temple09 - Wiggle One's ButtThrough the Windows of the Templ0:04:01
08 - Thingie.mp3 4.301.07.22 03:08:22Gecko Temple08 - ThingieThrough the Windows of the Templ0:04:34
02 - Sneebing.mp3 3.401.07.22 03:07:58Gecko Temple02 - SneebingThrough the Windows of the Templ0:03:33
06 - Will I Dream.mp3 03:08:14Gecko Temple06 - Will I DreamThrough the Windows of the Templ0:03:24
04 - Pathways (Radio Edit).mp3 4.601.07.22 03:08:08Gecko Temple04 - Pathways (radio Edit)Through the Windows of the Templ0:04:49
05 - Time To Die.mp3 2.701.07.22 03:08:10Gecko Temple05 - Time To DieThrough the Windows of the Templ0:02:50
Voodoo Templ - Fury.mp3 4.903.04.08 01:18:02Voodoo TempleFury0:05:08128S44
13 - Pathways (Caffeine Nightmare).m 6.801.07.22 03:08:40Gecko Temple13 - Pathways (caffeine NightmThrough the Windows of the Templ0:07:06
07 - Liquid Bass.mp3 03:08:18Gecko Temple07 - Liquid BassThrough the Windows of the Templ0:05:19
X1.mp3 0.702.11.05 13:00:24R.E.T.templ i1991X 1989-1999by webmaster0:00:59 96S44
Cleansing.mp3 2.602.11.29 17:56:34Ronnie OwensCleansing the Templ0:01:51192S44
12 - Neewanniewanga.mp3 03:08:36Gecko Temple12 - NeewanniewangaThrough the Windows of the Templ0:04:28
10 - Cannot Allow (Firewall With Me) 03:08:30Gecko Temple10 - Cannot Allow (firewall WiThrough the Windows of the Templ0:04:20
03 - Midnight Desert.mp3 5.301.07.22 03:08:04Gecko Temple03 - Midnight DesertThrough the Windows of the Templ0:05:35
11 - You Lose.mp3 2.801.07.22 03:08:32Gecko Temple11 - You LoseThrough the Windows of the Templ0:02:58
A_dream.mp3 2.302.01.26 03:19:57The ChasmA Dream of an Astral Spectrum1994Procreation of the Inner Templ0:02:29128S44
Legiao_Urbana_A_Ordem_Dos_Templarios 19:48:31Legi o UrbanaO Ordem Dos Templ rios1991Legi o Urbanawww.legiao-urbana.co0:04:27128S44
Temple_Records_N.Y.C._-_Volume_1_-_B 8.5Temple Records N.Y.C. - VolumeBlack One: Digital PercussionTempl Records N.Y.C. Vol.10:08:53128S44
Tran.mp3 0.701.03.16 14:09:26Live It Up7 TransglobalUnderground-templ20000:02:10 48S32
Legiao_Urbana_A_Ordem_Dos_Templarios 19:48:31Legi o UrbanaO Ordem Dos Templ rios1991Legi o Urbanawww.legiao-urbana.co0:04:27128S44
01-Damnify - In The Depths Of Hell ( 1.903.06.10 08:28:25DamnifyAudioTrack 012003Rotten Ceremonies into the templ
05-Damnify - Rotten Ceremonies Into 08:23:10DamnifyAudioTrack 052003Rotten Ceremonies into the templ
03-Damnify - I, The Redempter.mp3 3.403.06.10 08:27:02DamnifyAudioTrack 032003Rotten Ceremonies into the templ