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Rocket tank

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2018.05.22. 07:24h Reallyray: Download Gameranger,the platform to play S.W.I.N.E. online and add me friends and talk to players online whenever you want.
2018.05.30. 03:25h Joao Matheus: Many thanks, I played this game with 8 years, now with 17 I can go back to jgoar, if I need to, I speak Portuguese, and could help (or at least try) to translate to PT-Br
2018.06.30. 05:36h Reallyray: Today is 2018.6.30,the players see this message please come to Gameranger earlier to play S.W.I.N.E. and enjoy the party.PhoeniX,Hornet,Infinity and me are always here.
2018.06.30. 23:22h KakaoFelix: hi first time here, i played back when gemspy was still on
2018.07.05. 21:53h Bads@stormregion: @Digi P.S: Set category to \"Mods, Files and more\" OR wait atleast 8 days before public announcement, so you can explore site, and then decide what kind of category it fits in...
2018.07.14. 19:18h Erysch: I still live LOL
2018.07.25. 09:14h Reallyray: Digi,your football team do a good work.
2018.07.25. 09:16h Reallyray: Qtracker,Gameranger,hamachi and Teamviewer are four ways to play S.W.I.N.E. or other games online.
2018.07.28. 18:10h HeatBlast: A mai játék nyitott szerveres vagy csak azok tudnak majd belépni akik rajta vannak a friendlist-en?
2018.07.28. 20:40h HeatBlast: na mégsem lesz ma játék?
2018.08.08. 22:14h Krzeszny: Aww, I missed the July party :( How many people attended it?
2018.08.11. 13:32h Pikoczek: Hi, can i support this project somehow? I played S.W.I.N.E since 2005 and i miss it so much
2018.09.22. 15:05h Krzeszny: BTW need Polish translations?
2018.09.26. 18:26h Malwin: Mehl, salz und ei. Arbeit macht frei, sieg heil!
2018.10.05. 21:06h phoenix: we play sometimes , tonight-peter, hubesz and sabesz
2018.10.09. 23:29h Parittyaa: Digi valahol fel tudnám venni veled a kapcsolatot? Facebook Skype Discord
2018.10.09. 23:30h Amúgy: .
2018.10.09. 23:30h Szia: ..
2018.10.27. 12:30h Erysch: Malwin, bester Mann!!!
2018.11.01. 18:22h Név: hello, nem lesz semmi játék?
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2015.12.28. Launched

2017.08.01. Leáll a Qtracker, a GameRanger-re átállunk.

InterCity révén létrejött egy új S.W.I.N.E. szerver, melyet a Qtracker biztosít.

2014.07.26. ~17:00h, Leállt a GameSpy, a Gameranger korszak elkezdődött.

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