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Rocket tank

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2018.12.11. 10:09h DP: Yes!
2018.12.12. 20:24h orcbite: does anyone still play the game and if yes how does it work now
2018.12.16. 12:53h lexa: vse na QTRACKER
2018.12.22. 15:28h Cockey: You can play it on regular multiplayer and thats now Qtracker but there are more people on GameRanger, try there fam ;))
2018.12.24. 21:01h aka Killer72: Merry Christmas! :)
2018.12.25. 00:06h phoenix: thx: Merry Christmas too!
2018.12.29. 19:32h Killer72: Hali! Az miért van, hogy állandóan crashel a game? Nem nagyon emlékszem a régi beállításokra, és most szaggat a játék ha mozog a kamera, pedig nem potato PC m van :D
2019.01.02. 21:01h Zsolt: Digi már nem frissíted a lapodat? mikor lesz gameeeee?
2019.01.02. 21:01h Zsolt: BUEK
2019.01.09. 20:47h Hornet : szia!
2019.01.21. 17:31h TheBads: Sorry if something, but I really want EVERYONE to take a look at this. Maybe share some thoughts. Let me know here or on my discord server
2019.01.21. 17:32h TheBads: youtube com /watch?v=vsf99cDaDcg
2019.01.21. 17:34h TheBads: My discord server if anyone wondering (I\'m also still working on new site if anyone wondering because of my inactivity)
2019.01.23. 12:05h TheBads : S.W.I.N.E. 2. CONFIRMED (honestly, now for real)
2019.01.23. 13:19h Hornet: What mean swine 2 for us old players?
2019.01.23. 18:01h TheBads: I guess, pretty much yeah. 18 years later. Btw Kite Games has some of the original S.W.I.N.E. developers
2019.01.23. 18:56h Hornet: swine 2 is remake?
2019.01.23. 19:04h Hornet: When do you expect the swine 2 to play?
2019.01.24. 05:56h TheBads: It will be a remake for sure, there\'s no way around it. I think it will be based on Unity Engine. I expect swine 2 to be out this year, but more likely 2020 or heck even 2021 as a nice reference or whatever something to the original
2019.01.24. 05:57h TheBads: Kite games was founded in 2015, and sudden strike 4 came out in 2017 (so eougrou 2 years of development)
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2015.12.28. Launched

2017.08.01. Leáll a Qtracker, a GameRanger-re átállunk.

InterCity révén létrejött egy új S.W.I.N.E. szerver, melyet a Qtracker biztosít.

2014.07.26. ~17:00h, Leállt a GameSpy, a Gameranger korszak elkezdődött.

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