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Rocket tank

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The next S.W.I.N.E. party date:
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Around 71 days left.
The Qtracker server is shutting down in august.
The Qtracker server will not be available for S.W.I.N.E. after 2017.08.01., so please download and install GameRanger program.
- Like on "GameSpy", it lists the online running games and You can chat online.
- It support S.W.I.N.E. and many other games too.
- After a short registration, You can play S.W.I.N.E. online.

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2017.12.02. 21:16h TheBads: \"FastMM Borland Edition (c) 2004 - 2008 Pierre le Riche / Professional Software Development\" hmmm.... _assemblyIdentity ?type=\"win32\" ?name=\"DelphiApplication\"
2017.12.14. 18:20h TheBads: bads . tm does not do this, and is more open... \"Sonic Gather Battle fan made game reported to be Malware\", but could digi do this?
2017.12.16. 00:01h Killer72: Halii! Milyen időközönként akadnak játékok manapság?:D vagy játszotok még ?:\\
2017.12.20. 06:50h Reallyray: If Gameranger has any problem,Firewall Problem or Symmetric NAT Router,ask your net company for help with its phone number.That\'s what I did.
2017.12.20. 06:53h Reallyray: The net company must solve the problems because there are not those problems using other net companys\' nets.
2017.12.20. 20:41h ReXeT BS: 23.12... :( not gonna be here, but i hope i will be here on 30.12. to not miss the last swine party in 2k17 ^^
2017.12.22. 18:31h Lapelosa: Hali, lesz hnap vmi?
2018.01.07. 13:49h Reallyray: pali,Hornet,PhoeniX and me are always on Gameranger.
2018.01.09. 13:41h Polaninja: Hello! Is Swine still alive?
2018.01.14. 19:56h Georg: Guten Abend
2018.01.21. 00:50h Erysch: Happy New Year!
2018.02.01. 16:52h Lucas: Is swine still alive? we play?
2018.02.03. 22:52h TheBads: swine is still alive somehow... thanks to closed method digi things...
2018.02.10. 21:09h Phoenix: i am still alive and play sometimes between 18:00 and 21:00
2018.02.18. 22:27h AntraxRaFi: hello mi a helyzet?
2018.02.22. 20:46h Argus: Hello. mikor lesz valami játék mert fel idézném a multat.
2018.02.24. 22:40h AntraxRaFi: Hello 8-9 között este ahogy én vedtem észre van ember aki felnézz köztük vagyok én is nagyából mindennap de legalább minden második nap
2018.03.03. 17:21h Madix_SWINE_Elit: Szeretnék végre swinézni :3
2018.03.03. 21:58h iceninegreat: hi
2018.03.08. 14:02h Alanitp: Hello! How to make my own map?
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2015.12.28. Launched

2017.08.01. Leáll a Qtracker, a GameRanger-re átállunk.

InterCity révén létrejött egy új S.W.I.N.E. szerver, melyet a Qtracker biztosít.

2014.07.26. ~17:00h, Leállt a GameSpy, a Gameranger korszak elkezdődött.

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