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Rocket tank

Welcome on my site!
The next S.W.I.N.E. party date:
2017.12.23., 2017.12.30.
Click here for the details!

Around 10 days left.
The Qtracker server is shutting down in august.
The Qtracker server will not be available for S.W.I.N.E. after 2017.08.01., so please download and install GameRanger program.
- Like on "GameSpy", it lists the online running games and You can chat online.
- It support S.W.I.N.E. and many other games too.
- After a short registration, You can play S.W.I.N.E. online.

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Message Board
2017.09.15. 13:23h Reallyray: I’m on Qtracker now. Wait for hosts.
2017.09.24. 16:05h TheBads. . : Umm..... I wish there was .anif editor. And ability to mod S.W.I.N.E. Models (export and import custom ones, not tweak slightly with Java 4D Editor).
2017.09.26. 12:06h Digi: Sziasztok!. @Parittyaa Sajnos a Qtracker magától áll le, ez nem rajtunk múlik. Szerintem a GamerRanger annyiban jobb, hogy (majdnem) bárki tud hostolni, így nagyobb eséllyel tudsz játszani.. @WikinG Ha éppen erre jársz, less fel a GameRangerre, leginkább estefelé, vagy amikor parti van! :D
2017.09.29. 12:06h Ray’s news: Luckily I met Gameranger Services helpers in the chat room freely.They are couples.I asked him about ’Firewall Problem’.He told me if opened 16000 UDP port with no use,you needed VPN.And I know using moblie phone’s net will solve the problem too.
2017.10.01. 17:41h g: g
2017.10.02. 21:34h Parittyaa: Meg kell szokni ezt.
2017.10.16. 15:29h Árnyék-A-mber: sziasztok! Valaki ráér most egy multira?.
2017.10.20. 14:53h WikinG: Jelen vagyok. Majd meglátjuk mi lesz ebből, remélem nem egyedül leszek fent egész este.
2017.10.28. 11:31h WikinG: Ugye jöttök ma a swine partyra?
2017.10.28. 16:39h Digi: Aha. :)
2017.10.28. 16:40h ReXet BS: 28.10.!!! I can\'t wait for S.W.I.N.E party!!! :D Anyway, i\'d like to ask Digi why he didn\'t upload last party from 15.9.2017, thanks for reply
2017.10.28. 20:22h TheBads: LOL. S.W.I.N.E. Extra Options first release got... released... Please try it out, give some feedback if you want... github. com/bads-tm/SWINEExOpts/releases/latest
2017.10.28. 21:13h TheBads: GameRanger is basic and simple program, combined with ads. Basically you just have ability to see everyone else who hosts a game, you can also talk. When host starts the game, then the program simply uses game exe with join (your ip). Something like discord channel w/ users telling their IP and you join using simple program by pasting their IP, that would work + no ads in your face... Although it would be unknown how many people joined, but thats also goes up ahed because you could get notified (if you use often) Discord.... No need for website checking.... Or something else like starting a game and seeing everyone offline... It\'s a bit better, and slightly worse....
2017.10.29. 13:36h : wow wikipedia :D
2017.11.12. 14:49h TheBads: Update your site already, add new features like spam and terrible word filter and etc.. You could use as a base or w/e
2017.11.15. 20:58h Wiking: Szia Digi, valamikor feljöhetnél pár játék erejéig :D
2017.11.21. 12:39h Digi: Szia Wiking, december végén már több időm lesz, a partin már nagy eséllyel találkozhatunk és játszhatunk. :)
2017.12.02. 17:49h ReXeT: :( GameRanger servers are mostly dead :( Digi should add something like bots or AI to replace players :)
2017.12.02. 20:33h TheBads: @Digi Installer is DelphiApplication/GameMaker isn\'t it? @ReXet \" Digi should add something like bots or AI to replace players\" It would be cool, however there is no API-Like, or some publicly known thing which would allow it (can be very hard) without needing source code of game/engine... Only if there was someone more open and told how that someone creates his patches......
2017.12.02. 21:16h TheBads: \"FastMM Borland Edition (c) 2004 - 2008 Pierre le Riche / Professional Software Development\" hmmm.... _assemblyIdentity ?type=\"win32\" ?name=\"DelphiApplication\"
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2015.12.28. Launched

2017.08.01. Leáll a Qtracker, a GameRanger-re átállunk.

InterCity révén létrejött egy új S.W.I.N.E. szerver, melyet a Qtracker biztosít.

2014.07.26. ~17:00h, Leállt a GameSpy, a Gameranger korszak elkezdődött.

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