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Installer Privacy Policy

The installer after (for examples a sucess) install can open site, where You can see, that when will be games online.
At this time the installer can send the following datas: the installer version number, installer language and the game language, the chosen color and in the units properties description time spent. If unexpected error occurred then it can send (short 5-10 characters) error message too.

With this You help my work and I will see, that what should I develop. The installer never send personal datas.

I would like to create anonym statistic about the popularity of this game. I do not give datas to third parties, but on this "atw" servers temporarily can be stored some anonym datas.

You can help the game developping and to make this game more popular if You play with this game. :)

2017.06.02. Nagybetű - kisbetű
2017.03.14. Updated. How many players download this game?
2016.11.26. Updated. Units properties change log time.
2016.11.11. Létrehozva

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