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IPC20030921 - Tim Avazian - The Par14.803.09.22 04:28:40Tim Avazian"The Parable of the Ten VirginIrvine Presbyterian Church - Sep0:12:22160M44
IPC20031026 - Mark Roberts - A Very12.703.11.02 20:44:44Rev. Dr. Mark Roberts'A Very Bad Idea' by Mark RobeIrvine Presbyterian Church - OctMalachi 3:8-120:26:36 64M22
IPC20031102 Mark Roberts - In God We10.003.11.02 20:44:14Rev. Dr. Mark Roberts'In God We Trust' by Mark RobeIrvine Presbyterian Church - NovProverbs 3:5-100:20:54 64M22
IPC20031012 - Mark Roberts - God's G12.403.10.12 20:29:52Rev. Dr. Mark Roberts"God's Guide to Your Politics"Irvine Presbyterian Church - Oct0:25:53 64M22
IPC20030916 - Mark Roberts - Partner12.403.09.14 21:25:49Mark RobertsPartners with Purpose by Mark2003Irvine Presbyterian Church - Sep0:25:58 64M22
IPC20031005 - Mark Roberts - Real Li11.603.10.06 14:44:12Rev. Dr. Mark Roberts"Real Life" by Mark RobertsIrvine Presbyterian Church - Oct0:24:16 64M22
IPC20030928 - Mark Roberts - Choosin11.903.09.29 01:21:33Mark RobertsChoosing the Very Best by Mark2003Irvine Presbyterian Church - Sep0:24:47 64M22
IPC20031019 - Mark Roberts - Miracul12.303.10.19 22:00:57Rev. Dr. Mark Roberts"Miraculous Math" by Mark RobeIrvine Presbyterian Church - Oct0:25:40 64M22
IPC20031109 Mark Roberts - The Mind 8.403.11.09 21:30:06Rev. Dr. Mark Roberts"The Mind of Christ" by Mark RIrvine Presbyterian Church - NovPhilippians 2:1-110:17:31 64M22
IPC20031116 Tim Avazian - Say Thank10.203.11.16 21:33:36Tim Avazian"Say Thank You" by Tim AvazianIrvine Presbyterian Church - NovLuke 17:11-190:21:25 64M22
IPC Couples Garden 20031017.mp322.103.10.18 07:18:27Mark & Linda Roberts"Five Keys to a Thriving MarriIrvine Presbyterian Church - Cou0:46:08 64M22
IPC20040104 Mark Roberts - Make This12.404.01.08 16:41:15"Make This Year Count" by Mark R"Make This Year Count" by MarkIrvine Presbyterian Church 01/00:26:00 64M22
IPC20040201 Mark Roberts - The Secre10.204.02.09 00:33:43"The Secret of Contentment" by M"The Secret of Contentment" byIrvine Presbyterian Church 02/00:21:18 64M22
IPC20031123 Mark Roberts - You're A11.503.12.01 06:11:48Mark Roberts"You're a Star" by Mark RobertIrvine Presbyterian Church - NovPhilippians 2:12-180:24:03 64M22
IPC20031130 Mark Roberts - The Dynam13.803.12.01 06:12:30Mark Roberts"The Dynamic Duo" by Mark RobeIrvine Presbyterian Church - NovPhilippians 2:19-300:28:55 64M22
IPC20040222 Mark Roberts - Follow Th11.904.02.22 20:12:08"Follow the Leader" by Mark Robe"Follow the Leader" by Mark RoIrvine Presbyterian Church 02/20:24:53 64M22
IPC20031221 Mark Roberts - The Upsid11.503.12.22 00:24:20"The Upside Down Glory of Christ"The Upside Down Glory of ChriIrvine Presbyterian Church - 12/0:24:09 64M22
IPC20040125 Mark Roberts - Heavenly11.104.02.09 00:33:51"Heavenly Minded and Earthly Goo"Heavenly Minded and Earthly GIrvine Presbyterian Church 01/20:23:18 64M22
IPC20031228 Barbara Buck - A Fresh S13.903.12.28 23:55:08"A Fresh Start" by Barbara Buck"A Fresh Start" by Barbara BucIrvine Presbyterian Church - 12/0:29:08 64M22
IPC20040118 Mark Roberts - Telltale12.604.01.18 22:45:56"Telltale Signs of Life" by Mark"Telltale Signs of Life" by MaIrvine Presbyterian Church 01/10:26:20 64M22
IPC20031207 Mark Roberts - The Great11.103.12.08 03:19:07Mark Roberts"The Greatest Thing of All" byIrvine Presbyterian Church - DecPhilippians 3:1-110:23:10 64M22
IPC20040208 Mark Roberts - A Gift Fo10.104.02.09 00:32:57"A Gift for the One Who Has Ever"A Gift for the One Who Has EvIrvine Presbyterian Church 02/00:21:09 64M22
IPC20040215 Mark Roberts - Shock And11.804.02.16 02:08:59"Shock and Awe and Anger" by Mar"Shock and Awe and Anger" by MIrvine Presbyterian Church 02/10:24:35 64M22
IPC20040404 Mark Roberts - Blind Amb 4.904.04.12 04:27:06"Blind Ambition" by Mark Roberts"Blind Ambition" by Mark RoberIrvine Presbyterian Church 4/400:20:48 32M22
IPC20040411 Mark Roberts - Witness.m 04:27:18"Witness" by Mark Roberts"Witness" by Mark RobertsIrvine Presbyterian Church 4/110:21:35 32M22
IPC20040314 Mark Roberts - 15:08:05"U-Turn" by Mark Roberts"U-Turn" by Mark RobertsIrvine Presbyterian Church 3/140:22:42 24M22
IPC20040307 Mark Roberts - Untouchab10.204.03.08 20:45:49"Untouchable to Unstoppable" by"Untouchable to Unstoppable" bIrvine Presbyterian Church 3/7/0:21:16 64M22
IPC20040328 Mark Roberts - From The 5.904.03.29 06:31:46"From the Pinnacle to the Pit" b"From the Pinnacle to the Pit"Irvine Presbyterian Church 3/280:24:37 32M22
IPC20040229 Mark Roberts - All Over12.204.03.08 01:26:07"All Over the Map" by Mark Rober"All Over the Map" by Mark RobIrvine Presbyterian Church 2/290:29:15 56M22
IPC20040418 Mark Roberts - What Was 7.304.04.25 22:58:07"What Was the Point" by Mark Rob"What Was the Point" by Mark RIrvine Presbyterian Church 04/10:30:37 32M22
IPC20040425 Bob Rice - All Nations.m 4.904.04.25 22:56:10" All Nations" by Bob Rice" All Nations" by Bob RiceIrvine Presbyterian Church 04/20:20:46 32M22
IPC20040516 Mark Roberts - Reconcili 20:22:46"Reconciliation" by Mark Roberts"Reconciliation" by Mark RoberIrvine Presbyterian Church 05/10:29:54 32M22
IPC20040530 Kirk Winslow - Life As G 7.304.05.30 18:58:39"Life As God Intended - Jesus' P"Life As God Intended - Jesus'Irvine Presbyterian Church 05/30:30:34 32M22
IPC20040613 Ryan Nielsen Living Toda 02:26:03"Living Today with Hope for Eter"Living Today with Hope for EtIrvine Presbyterian Church 06/10:21:25 32M22
IPC20040604 Kirk Winslow - Now & Not 02:23:17IPC20040604 Kirk Winslow - Now &IPC20040604 Kirk Winslow - NowIrvine Presbyterian Church 06/00:29:18 32M22
IPC20040620 Tim Avazian - From Crisi 5.504.06.20 20:56:43"From Crisis to Comfort & Comfor"From Crisis to Comfort & ComfIrvine Presbyterian Church 06/20:23:00 32M22
IPC20040627 Ted Limpic - The View Fr 6.604.06.27 19:36:12"The View from the Top of the Hi"The View from the Top of theIrvine Presbyterian Church 06/20:27:38 32M22
IPC20040704 Mark Roberts - Freedom F 5.304.07.04 19:56:47"Freedom for What" by Mark Rober"Freedom for What" by Mark RobIrvine Presbyterian Church 07/00:22:27 32M22
IPC200400725 Barbara Buck - It IS Pe 4.704.07.27 02:34:21"It IS Personal" by Barbara Buck"It IS Personal" by Barbara BuIrvine Presbyterian Church 07/20:19:36 32M22
IPC20040711 Mark Roberts - Living Ou 02:31:39"Living Outside the Boat" by Mar"Living Outside the Boat" by MIrvine Presbyterian Church 07/10:29:20 32M22
IPC20040801 Tim Avazian - Seeing God 4.404.08.01 23:47:17"Seeing God in Focus" by Tim Ava"Seeing God in Focus" by Tim AIrvine Presbyterian Church 08/00:18:44 32M22
IPC20040822 Libby Vincent - Old Fait 6.504.08.30 05:42:10"Old Faithful Isn't Just a Geyse"Old Faithful Isn't Just a GeyIrvine Presbyterian Church 08/20:27:06 32M22
IPC20040912 Mark Roberts - A Concent 20:49:47"A Concentric Calling" by Mark R"A Concentric Calling" by MarkIrvine Presbyterian Church 9/120:21:29 32M22
IPC20040919 Mark Roberts - Filled Wi 5.804.09.19 20:51:21"Filled with a Power Beyond Ours"Filled with a Power Beyond OuIrvine Presbyterian Church 9/190:24:32 32M22
IPC20040829 Mike Regele - A Daughter 7.504.08.30 05:39:04"A Daughter's Question" by Mike"A Daughter's Question" by MikIrvine Presbyterian Church 8/290:31:18 32M22
IPC20040905 Tim Avazian - A Communit 4.704.09.05 22:40:33"A Community Devoted to Each Oth"A Community Devoted to Each OIrvine Presbyterian Church 9/5/0:19:46 32M22
IPC200400808 Barbara Buck - Spirit O 05:38:38"Spirit of the Law" by Barbara B"Spirit of the Law" by BarbaraIrvine Presbyterian Church 8/8/0:26:07 32M22
IPC20040815 Kirk Winslow - The Prese 6.804.08.30 05:42:21"The Present Blessings of the Co"The Present Blessings of theIrvine Presbyterian Church 08/10:28:27 32M22
IPC2004092612 Mark Roberts - Reveale 5.604.09.26 20:11:30"Revealed Truth" by Mark Roberts"Revealed Truth" by Mark RoberIrvine Presbyterian Church 9/260:23:31 32M22
IPC20041003 Mark Roberts - Sharing R 4.904.10.05 03:12:48"Sharing Real Life" by Mark Robe"Sharing Real Life" by Mark RoIrvine Presbyterian Church 10/00:20:37 32M22

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Led Zeppelin Thank You Mp3
Led Zeppelin Thank You Mp3
Led Zeppelin Thank You Mp3
Led Zeppelin Thank You Mp3