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Ratf.mp3 5.503.10.13 22:11:48Sheik, DuncanReel Around The FountainHumming Along0:05:45128S44
Duncan_the_gauger.mp3 0.600.12.16 02:35:560:00:56 96S44
Fire Of God.mp3 5.802.12.31 13:06:03Rev. Duncan CampbellThe Fire of God20022002 sermonaudio.com0:04:51160M44
5562.mp3 01:17:29Rev. Duncan CampbellRevival On The Isle Of Lewis20002000 sermonaudio.com0:12:06 80S44
BecauseOfYou.mp3 15:34:54Gareth DuncanBecause Of You2003Gareth Duncanhttp://www.gduncan.uklinux.net0:02:10128S44
09.ndi-pourwine.mp3 0.702.06.10 17:18:37The New Duncan ImperialsHey Brother, Pour the Wine1996Fried0:01:13 80S44
RS041902C.mp3 3.702.04.19 13:44:47Rep DuncanEconomy20024-17-020:05:10 96M44
Duncan Sheik - Surf's Up.mp3 3.902.08.16 18:47:49Duncan SheikSurf's Up0:04:07128S44
Jesusloves192.mp3 1.903.07.29 19:56:19Bryan DuncanJesus Loves Me Anyway20030:01:22192M44
19.ndi-running.mp3 0.802.06.10 17:01:54The New Duncan ImperialsRunning with a Fork in My Mout1993Loserville0:01:22 80S44
Oh My God.mp3 2.502.08.05 04:27:58New Duncan ImperialsOh My God, We're F#&king 100%CD Single0:05:23 64S22
20.ndi-glass.mp3 0.702.06.10 17:00:15The New Duncan ImperialsThere Stands the Glass1991the hymns of Bucksnort0:01:19 80S44
17 Duncan Sheik - In The Absence Of 4.803.09.27 01:56:03Duncan SheikIn The Absence Of Sun0:05:02128S44
RS052002A.mp3 3.802.05.28 19:42:38Rep DuncanMedicare2002May 16, 20020:05:18 96M44
DS-orpheus.mp3 23:14:29Duncan SheikOrpheusHumming Along0:04:23128S44
14.ndi-motel666.mp3 0.802.06.10 17:10:22The New Duncan ImperialsMotel 6661995LIVE0:01:22 80S44
Passarinho.mp3 01:22:40Amy DuncanPassarinho do Mato20020:01:07128S44
1st_Encounters_-_Oklahoma_City_Bombi 2.8! 1st Encounters !Oklahoma City Bombing - April2001Innocent BloodCopyright by Duncan Long All ri0:02:56128S44
068013.mp3 0.500.08.03 17:57:56Duncan, Jess%Lively, KennyNicknames in the Coal Mines2000Tending the CommonsAmerican Folklife Ce0:03:15 24M22
Duncan.mp3 0.602.10.12 06:45:470:00:33160S44
Sunrise.mp3 5.503.10.13 22:10:16Duncan Sheiksunrise to sunsetunreleased songs0:05:45
DS-embracableyou.mp3 22:49:31VariousDuncan Sheik- Embraceable YouRed Hot + Rhapsody- The Gershwin0:04:25128S44
Fpt.mp3 22:10:13Duncan SheikFake Plastic TreesAt the Reservoir0:06:20128S44
Sunrisetosunset.mp3 5.502.11.11 21:57:10duncan sheiksunrise to sunsetunreleased songs0:05:45
Duncan_Campbell1.mp365.501.11.27 01:12:44Jennifer LopezFeelin' So Good1:08:13128S44
Ov-duncan,prayer-ritter,QnA.mp311.502.11.20 05:23:31Scott RitterQuestion and answer session2002The Caltech Y Social Activism Sp0:09:37160S44
03.ndi-bornhit.mp3 0.902.06.10 17:32:02The New Duncan ImperialsBorn to be Hit1996Fried0:01:30 80S44
IPC20030629 - Dick Duncan - No Fear.12.703.06.29 20:16:38IPC 06/29/2003 - Dick Duncan -20030:26:32 64M22
Breakfast With Shockwaves [Duncan Wi14.403.10.13 08:00:11Duncan WilsonBreakfast with Shockwaves2003Mon, 13 Oct 2003 07:00:00 GMTrecorded live @ icra0:20:03 96M44
Fadood.mp3 0.802.04.10 01:31:07Amy DuncanFadood20020:00:51128S44
1st_Encounters_-_Oklahoma_City_Bombi 2.8! 1st Encounters !Oklahoma City Bombing - April2001Innocent BloodCopyright by Duncan Long All ri0:02:56128S44
Duncan.mp3 4.503.07.23 06:47:420:03:45160S44
13.ndi-jagermeister.mp3 0.702.06.10 17:11:56The New Duncan ImperialsJagermeister1990Hanky Panky Parley Voo!0:01:18 80S44
06.ndi-fancool.mp3 0.802.06.10 17:24:19The New Duncan ImperialsFan It and Cool It1993Loserville0:01:20 80S44
Duncan McGillivray, Chief Steward.mp 1.602.10.09 23:49:50Jim McGillivrayDuncan McGillivray, Chief Stew2001Kron Demo0:01:41128S44
Neverlied192.mp3 1.503.07.29 19:54:09Bryan DuncanNever Lied to You2003
StimulusBill.mp3 3.801.12.03 14:40:30Rep DuncanStimulusBill20010:05:22 96M44
11_duncan.mp3 02:53:33Robert DuncanTo Speak My Mind, We Convivial1974Dial-A-Poem Poets: Biting off th0:05:33 96M44
Expectation.mp3 13:31:59Craig DuncanExpectation2002titleNone0:04:22128S44
Cj_22287.mp3 2.803.06.06 21:30:11Harold DuncanBe American45: National Guild acetate0:02:23160S44
Jesusloves56.mp3 0.503.07.29 19:56:36Bryan DuncanJesus Loves Me Anyway20030:01:22 56S22
15.ndi-mysterydate.mp3 0.802.06.10 17:08:34The New Duncan ImperialsMystery Date1991the Hymns of Bucksnort0:01:22 80S44
Give And Take.mp3 2.701.09.30 12:50:30gutter - Anton Duncangive and take2001demo single+44 (0) 1444 232 4660:02:52128S44
Duncan And Brady.mp3 01:53:27
04.ndi-frog.mp3 0.602.06.10 17:30:09The New Duncan ImperialsBudweiser Frog Commercial1996Fried0:01:03 80S44
Breakfast With Shockwaves [Duncan Wi14.403.10.16 08:00:12Duncan WilsonBreakfast with Shockwaves2003Thu, 16 Oct 2003 07:00:00 GMTrecorded live @ icra0:30:05 64M44
RSFEB1.mp3 19:53:37Rep DuncanPres.Libraries-USPS20022-13-020:05:24128M44
Mojo Nixon + New Duncan Imperials (l
Duncan.mp3 2.902.04.16 20:33:180:21:40 18M11
Breakfast With Shockwaves [Duncan Wi14.403.10.09 08:00:12Duncan WilsonBreakfast with Shockwaves2003Thu, 09 Oct 2003 07:00:00 GMTrecorded live @ icra0:07:31256S44

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