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Elysian Fury - The Forbidden Dance.m 09:04:24Phoenix DownThe Forbidden Dance2000And if a Dog Can Dreamwww.duophone.com0:03:19128S44
Phoenix Down - It Feels To Be Sad Ab 23:11:56Elysian FuryIt Feels to be Sad About2002Into The Unknownduophone.com/elysian0:02:11128S44
Elysian Fury - Dont Be A Stranger.mp 10:07:56Elysian FuryDon't Be a Stranger2001Easy Listening for Stonersduophone.com/elysian0:02:18128S44
Elysian Fury - Snow Day (demo).mp3 4.602.01.28 08:21:04Phoenix DownSnow Day (demo version)2000And if a Dog Can Dreamwww.duophone.com
Elysian Fury - The Moment Original D 3.302.02.26 10:20:15Elysian FuryThe Moment2001Easy Listening for Stonersduophone.com/elysian0:03:29128S44
Elysian Fury - How To Get A Chick.mp 05:44:56Phoenix DownHow To Get A Chick2000Eliminator EPwww.duophone.com
Elysian Fury - Guitar Related Night 1.502.05.04 22:56:17Elysian FuryGuitar Related Night Show2002Into The Unknownduophone.com/elysian0:01:35128S44
Elysian Fury - Groundhog Day.mp315.902.02.11 06:00:24Phoenix DownGroundhog Day2001Simple So Gonewww.duophone.com
Elysian Fury - Attack Of The Killa L 08:46:11Phoenix DownAttack of the Killa Locusts2000And if a Dog Can Dreamwww.duophone.com0:02:11128S44
Elysian Fury - Simple So Gone.mp3 7.402.02.11 05:32:38Elysian FurySimple So Gone2001Simple So Gonewww.duophone.com0:12:28 80M44
Elysian Fury - Kick In The Face Coml 6.502.02.11 06:07:34Elysian FuryKick n the Face Compliments of2001Simple So Gonewww.duophone.com
Elysian Fury - Aegis Booth.mp3 7.902.01.28 09:00:55Elysian FuryAegis Booth2000Phoenix Downwww.duophone.com0:08:19128S44
Elysian Fury - Divergence Album Vers 08:43:54Elysian FuryDivergence2000Eliminator EPwww.duophone.com
Elysian Fury - Running For Shelter ( 4.702.01.28 08:26:17Phoenix DownRunning For Shelter2000And if a Dog Can Dreamwww.duophone.com0:04:59128S44
Elysian Fury - The Robbery.mp3 2.902.02.26 10:16:33Elysian FuryThe Robbery2002duophone.com/elysian0:03:01128S44
Elysian Fury - Freba Jay Tay Toe.mp3 05:42:45Elysian FuryFreba Jay Tay Toe2001Simple So Gonewww.duophone.com
Elysian Fury - To Be Tonite.mp3 08:07:59Elysian FurytO bE tOnItE2000phoenix downduophone.com/elysian0:03:12128S44
Elysian Fury - Milk Duds (unfinished 05:57:54Phoenix DownMilk Duds (unfinished)2000Outtakeswww.duophone.com
Elysian Fury - As A Friend.mp3 05:12:48Elysian FuryAs a Friend2000Eliminator EPwww.duophone.com
Elysian Fury - You Can Be A Milliona 4.502.02.01 06:20:00Elysian FuryYou Can Be a Millionaire2000Eliminator EPwww.duophone.com
Elysian Fury - Pinball Machina.mp3 03:06:26Elysian FuryPinball Machina2002Into The Unknownduophone.com/elysian0:01:45 96S44
Elysian Fury - And If I.mp3 8.502.02.04 05:54:25Elysian FuryAnd if I (unfinished version)2000Eliminator EPwww.duophone.com
Elysian Fury - And If A Dog Can Drea 5.502.01.28 08:52:14Elysian FuryAnd if a Dog Can Dreamduophone.com/elysian0:05:47128S44
Elysian Fury - Looking Back.mp3 06:10:58Elysian FuryLooking Back2001Simple So Gonehttp://duophone.com/0:03:07128S44
Elysian Fury - The Forbidden Machina 4.702.02.26 09:55:10Elysian FuryThe Forbidden Machina2002Acceptanceduophone.com/elysian0:04:55128S44
Elysian Fury - Snow Day 2k1.mp3 4.802.02.11 05:40:14Elysian FurySnow Day (album version)2001Simple So Gonewww.duophone.com0:13:30 48S32
Elysian Fury - This Is The Mad.mp3 0.702.02.26 09:56:07Elysian FuryThis is the MadAcceptanceduophone.com/elysian0:00:49128S44
Elysian Fury - Legion (kickass Album 7.402.01.28 08:40:27Elysian FuryLegion (kickass album version)2000And if a Dog Can Dreamwww.duophone.com0:07:47128S44
Elysian Fury - Dream Sequence Holoca 23:01:54Elysian FuryHolocaust2002Into The Unknownduophone.com/elysian0:05:23128S44
Elysian Fury - Seven Things (never F 3.402.02.11 05:23:01Elysian FurySeven Things2000Simple So Gonewww.duophone.com
Elysian Fury - Attack Of The Killa C10.302.02.04 05:25:51Elysian FuryAttack of the Killer Chickens2000Eliminator EPwww.duophone.com
Elysian Fury - Ambient Improv.mp3 1.502.02.11 05:34:33Elysian FuryAmbient Improv2001Simple So Gonewww.duophone.com
Elysian Fury - Psycopath Feat B And 2.502.02.22 02:18:10Elysian FuryPsychopathAcceptanceduophone.com/elysian0:02:39128S44
Mike Britt - Leaving Tonite.mp3 2.402.05.04 23:06:55Elysian FuryLeaving Tonite2002Into The Unknownduophone.com/elysian0:02:30128S44
Elysian Fury - Giving In.mp3 2.302.02.26 10:10:29Elysian FuryGiving In2002Acceptanceduophone.com/elysian0:02:24128S44
Elysian Fury - The Airport (unfinish 6.802.02.26 10:56:55Elysian FuryThe Airport Unfinished2002Acceptanceduophone.com/elysian0:07:10128S44
Phoenix Down - Innervoice.mp3 23:09:13Elysian FuryInnervoice2002Into The Unknownduophone.com/elysian0:02:11128S44
Elysian Fury - Simple So Forbidden F 4.902.03.08 08:35:00Elysian FurySimple So Forbidden Fruit2001Acceptanceduophone.com/elysian0:05:10128S44
Elysian Fury - Focus.mp3 23:04:17Elysian FuryFOCUS2002Into The Unknownduophone.com/elysian0:02:16128S44
Elysian Fury - Too Tired To Breathe. 7.402.01.28 08:16:03Elysian FuryToo Tired to Breathe2000And if a Dog Can Dreamwww.duophone.com0:12:22 80M44
Elysian_Fury_-_Simple_So_Forbidden_F 4.904.04.27 07:33:22Elysian FurySimple So Forbidden Fruit2001Acceptanceduophone.com/elysian0:05:10128S44
Elysian_Fury_-_Into_The_Unknown.mp3 07:33:18Elysian FuryInto The Unknown2002Into The Unknownduophone.com/elysian0:03:11128S44
Elysian_Fury_-_Dont_Be_Afraid_Anymor 1.504.04.27 07:33:22Mike BrittDon't Be Afriad Anymore2002Trippinhttp://duophone.com/0:01:34128S44
Elysian_Fury_-_Conquest.mp3 1.704.04.27 07:33:20Elysian FuryConquest2001Acceptanceduophone.com/elysian0:01:50128S44
Elysian_Fury_-_Lucky_Star.mp3 3.604.04.27 07:33:24Mike BrittLucky Star2002Trippinhttp://duophone.com/0:03:50128S44

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