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Techcyph.mp3 1.799.04.28 14:35:37Run DMC feat. Jermaine DupriIt's Over0:04:16 56M22
B11_track.mp3 3.503.06.11 15:13:46Jermaine DupriWelcome To Atlanta1982( - )
Janet Jackson - Someone To Call My L 6.702.11.03 11:54:08Janet JacksonSomeone To Call My Lover (So S2001All For You
Track09.mp3 0.903.06.11 15:03:38Jermaine DupriWelcome To Atlanta0:01:01128S44
Jayz Feat. JD - Money Aint A Thang.m 12:18:23Money Ain't A ThingJermaine Dupri (f/ Jay-Z)1998Life In 1472Upped By 1120:04:13128S44
Welcome To Atlanta -- Ludacris Feat 20:22:21Funkmaster FlexWelcome to Atlanta -- LudacrisBig Truck Series0:03:21128S44
Jermaine Dupri Feat. Ludcris-Welcome 1.603.05.21 20:15:04Ludacris Feat Jermaine DupriWelcome to AlantaInstructions
07.mp3 2.903.06.11 15:19:02Jermaine DupriWelcome To Atlanta0:03:03128S44
Critical_Knowledge_-_Jermaine_Dupri_ 2.302.12.13 07:21:12Jermaine DupriJackin' Beats2002When pussy's get smackedPretty slow0:02:29128S44
Rl - Got Me A Model.mp3 3.602.04.15 23:25:10RL (feat. Jermaine Dupri)I Got Me a Model0:04:20112S44
7.mp3 5.702.04.03 01:37:02Maxwell ft Jermaine DupriLifetime (Remix)2001DJ Kayslay-RnB Thats It
Rl - Got Me A Model.mp3 3.602.04.15 23:25:10RL (feat. Jermaine Dupri)I Got Me a Model0:04:20112S44
18_DenRadosti.mp3 15:01:10Jermaine DupriWelcome To Atlanta19930:04:21128S44
02_track.mp3 3.303.06.11 15:06:34Jermaine DupriWelcome To Atlanta19960:03:30128S44
JermaineDupri-WelcometoAtlanta.zip 18:24:18Jermaine DupriWelcome To Atlanta
6.mp3 4.902.04.03 01:34:46Jermaine_dupri-05-welcome_to_a
07.mp3 15:06:16Jermaine DupriWelcome To Atlanta20000:03:09128S44
03_track.mp3 2.803.06.11 15:11:09Jermaine DupriWelcome To Atlanta19830:03:21112S44
JermaineDupri-WelcometoAtlanta.zip 17:42:16Jermaine DupriWelcome To Atlanta
03_track.mp3 2.803.06.11 15:11:09Jermaine DupriWelcome To Atlanta19830:03:21112S44
Ludacris- Welcome 2 Atlanta (feat.JD 20:17:48Ludacris feat.Jermaine DupriWelcome 2 Atlanta(Bonus Track)Word Of MoufHidden Track
Chingy Ft. J.D. - Right Thurr Remix. 04:05:31Chingy Ft. Jermaine Dupri & TrRight Thurr (Remix Dirty)2003Right Thurr (Remix)-= krbz sureshot =-0:03:40192S44
Jd_feat_daz-game_goin_(dpgrecordz_do 6.904.01.08 23:45:05Jermain Dupri Ft. Daz & SlimGame Going (Club)2003Game Going-= krbz sureshot =-0:07:12128S44
Murphy_lee_feat_jermaine_dupri.mp3 5.404.02.01 00:01:51Murphy Lee feat. Jermaine DupriWhat Da Hook Gon BeMurphy's Law
Jermaine_Dupri_feat_Ludacris___Welco 3.302.01.18 03:57:06Jermaine_dupri-05-welcome_to_a0:03:26128S44
Khia-Kwang-Dupri.mp3 3.402.08.15 15:22:06KhiaAudioTrack 01K-Wang (Dupri)0:03:36128S44
JermaineDupri_feat_NateDogg_ballin_o 2.601.10.17 16:21:09Jermaine Dupri feat. Nate DoggBallin Out of Control20010:02:48128S44
Jay-Z - 08 - Money Ain't A Thang (Fe 04:54:49Jay-ZMoney Ain't A Thang (Feat Jerm2002Chapter OneRns 2K2
Music.mp3 4.902.07.17 17:08:51Jermaine DupriWelcome to Atlanta2001Beatz 4 the Streetz InstrumentCms2k1
Run DMC Feat. Jermaine Dupri - It's 20:35:00
Murphy Lee Ft. J.D. - Wat Dat Hook G 5.403.11.29 00:51:40Murphy Lee Ft. Jermaine DupriWhat da hook gonna be2003Wat Da Hook Gon Be CDS.: XXL Team :.0:03:47192S44
19 Freek-A-Leek (Remix) - Petey Pabl 0.904.05.08 00:15:430:00:47160S44
09-murphy_lee-what_da_hook_gon_be_(f 5.304.02.02 05:21:02Murphy LeeWhat Da Hook Gon Be (Feat. Jer2003Murphy's LawBUTT 0wnage
17-usher_ft._alicia_keys-my_boo_part 20:02:35Usher Ft. Alicia KeysMy Boo, Part II (Prod. By Jerm2004Tapemasters Inc.-Mixtape WondeI.T.T.C.4.0:03:48112S44
Jermaine_Dupri_feat._J-Kwon_-_Party_ 18:11:05Jermaine Dupri ft. J-KwonParty Over Here (LP Mix)2004Party Over Here Bw Dance Floor-V->[ECH] C4 2 Ya DooR [ECH]<-0:05:30128S44
01-usher_feat_shyne_kanye_west_twist 4.704.07.10 13:39:17Usher Feat Shyne Kanye West TwConfessions (Remix)2004Confessions (Remix)hs
14_Dance_Floor.mp3 22:28:47Jermaine Dupri ft Pastor TroyDance FloorHeat It Up Vol 30:04:11160S44
CStyle_Records_feat._Clint_Dogg_-_Je 15:43:48Jermaine Duprijds reply (Dre & Eminem Diss)GO 2 www.mp3.com/cstylerecordsGO 2 www.mp3.com/cst0:02:10128S44
Usher_Feat._Beyonce__Jermaine_Dupri_ 3.604.06.25 21:27:040:03:50128S44
White_tee_remix.mp3 2.404.07.28 13:40:45Jermaine Dupri & Slim, FranchiseWhite Tee (Remix)2004DJ Kool Kid-Denim Underground VoC4
15_-_various__-_dance_floor_-_jermai 2.604.07.27 05:52:55variousdance floor - jermaine dupri finstrumentals #470:02:42128S44

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