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  Sniper's Coop
  Character Pack


The FoT community appears to be very fragmented, with small groups struggling on to play a few games.
There are still a lot of people playing FoT out there. We call on all of you to join forces
and play with us on GameRanger and/or visit us on Facebook!

10k guide by Darky here.

Item table with hard to get info by Mark here.

Megacoop pack contains every(finished) coop map, and some others. Huge, but it's a must have!
To install megacoop extract it to fallout tactics install directory(default: C:\Program Files\14 Degrees East\Fallout Tactics).
Make sure the paths inside the package are kept!

You can find all kinds of usefull stuff at utilities.

How to install maps from map section:
Open the archive with winrar/zip/ace, and if u see a directory called 'Core' in it, select it,right click and
'extract to', select your fallout install dir (default dir above).
I advise using TotalCommander, and copy the 'core' over fallout tactic's core folder(not into it).
Otherwise see the readme.txt in the map archive!