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If Love Was A Train.mp313.003.11.24 21:52:58Michelle ShockedIf Love Was A Train2003WRLT's Nashville Sunday Night20031123
Door.mp3 8.603.10.20 15:25:27Turid BrakesDoor2003WRLT's Nashville Sunday Night20031019
If I Can't Have You.mp3 9.603.10.28 00:25:59Marshall ChapmanIf I Can't Have You2003WRLT's Nashville Sunday Night200310260:13:25 96S44
Undeniably Human.mp310.003.07.14 16:29:30Phil RoyUndeniably Human2003WRLT's Nashville Sunday NightEngineer: D. Brian S
Under My Skin.mp311.503.10.13 19:00:34Bob ScheinderUnder My Skin2003WRLT's Nashville Sunday Night20031012
If Only If.mp310.203.07.14 16:36:41Phil RoyIf And Only If2003WRLT's Nashville Sunday NightEngineer: D. Brian S0:08:30160M44
Nobody Like You.mp310.703.11.24 21:53:50Jen FosterNobody Like You2003WRLT's Nashville Sunday Night20031123
YouDance128.mp3 3.703.07.28 21:36:22EastmountainsouthYou Dance2003WRLT's Nashville Sunday Night0:03:56128S44
World Goes Around.mp3 7.303.10.13 19:09:36Bob SchneiderWorld Goes Around2003WRLT's Nashville Sunday Night20031012
Broke Down.mp3 6.903.07.14 16:23:56Slaid CleevesBroke Down2003WRLT's Nashville Sunday NightEngineer: D. Brian S0:28:45 32M22
RainCameDown128.mp3 4.403.07.28 21:33:19EastmountainsouthRain Come Down2003WRLT's Nashville Sunday Night0:04:38128S44
Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm.mp310.103.12.01 22:13:28Crash Test DummiesMmm Mmm Mmm Mmm2003WRLT's Nashville Sunday Night20031130
Now You're Gorgeous, Now You're Gone 9.403.10.28 00:27:21Joe FirstmanGorgeous, Gone2003WRLT's Nashville Sunday Night20031026
Anchorage.mp320.603.11.24 22:05:58Michelle ShockedAnchorage2003WRLT's Nashville Sunday Night20031123
Speak You're Mind.mp318.603.10.28 00:38:19Joe FirstmanSpeak You're Mind2003WRLT's Nashville Sunday Night20031026
Horses.mp3 16:32:58Slaid CleevesHorses2003WRLT's Nashville Sunday NightEngineer: D. Brian S
She Says.mp310.303.11.10 23:21:27Howie DayShe Says2003WRLT's Nashville Sunday Night20031109
Sorry So Sorry.mp311.803.11.10 23:09:41Howie DaySorry So Sorry2003WRLT's Nashville Sunday Night200311090:16:27 96M22
Superman Song.mp312.203.12.01 21:58:58Crash Test DummiesSuperman Song2003WRLT's Nashville Sunday Night20031130
Perfect Time Of Day.mp315.503.11.10 23:17:08Howie DayPerfect Time Of Day2003WRLT's Nashville Sunday Night20031109
Breaking All The Ground.mp310.303.10.28 00:42:35Joe FirstmanBreaking All The Ground2003WRLT's Nashville Sunday Night200310260:28:52 48M32
Flying Feelin.mp3 7.403.12.01 22:05:08Crash Test DummiesFlying Feelin2003WRLT's Nashville Sunday Night200311300:20:40 48M32
Everybody's Girl.mp3 9.903.11.24 22:02:02Jen FosterEverybody's Girl2003WRLT's Nashville Sunday Night200311230:10:22128S44
Girl In A Bubble.mp3 9.703.10.28 00:33:56Marshall ChapmanGirl In A Bubble2003WRLT's Nashville Sunday Night20031026
DaveBarnes-GracesAmazingHands(8.3.03 9.903.08.20 16:39:18Dave BarnesGrace2003WRLT's Nashville Sunday NightEngineer: D. Brian S0:13:52 96S44
Honey And The Moon.mp318.003.06.13 14:38:35Joseph AuthorHoney And The Moon2003WRLT's Nashville Sunday NightEngineer: D. Brian S

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