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Ligeti - King's Singers.mp3 1.402.05.23 12:05:180:01:33128S44
Boar.mp3 1.502.03.20 19:23:49King's SingersThe Boar's Head Carol1991A Little Christmas MusicEMI Records UK
The King's Singers - What Shall We D 14:30:56The King's SingersWhat Shall We Do with the DrunAnnie Laurie0:01:49160S44
King's Singers - Das Ist Die Liebe D 3.703.02.27 11:35:09The King's SingersDas ist die Liebe der Matrosen2000A Tribute to the Comedian Harmrp'd by enigma, AG#0:03:05160S44
King Singers_loneso_me_road.mp3 2.503.02.27 12:38:52King's SingersLonesome Road0:02:38128S44
King Singers - Remember.mp3 12:15:31The King's SingersRemember0:03:22128S44
King_singers_now_those_days_are_gone 3.303.02.27 13:00:56King's SingersNow Those Days Are Gone0:03:26128S44
King's Singers - Loch Lomond.mp3 22:17:12King's SingersLoch Lomond0:03:02 56S22
King Singers - I'll Follow The Sun.m 12:02:18The King's SingersI'll Follow the SunThe Beatles Connection0:02:19128S44
Abendlied.mp3 05:17:35The King's SingersRheinberger - Abendlied1997NightsongJean Lamon, Musical0:02:50192S44
King Singers - Alone.mp3 2.503.02.27 11:40:31The King's SingersAlone0:02:37128S44
34 Hofhaimer- Herzliebstes Bild.mp3 2.701.05.19 19:44:34King's SingersSenfl- Herzliebstes BildMadrigal History Tour
05 Verdelot- Ultimi Mei Sospiri.mp3 5.501.05.17 15:29:22The King's SingersVerdelot: Ultimi mei sospiri1894Madrigal History TourTrack 5
29 Hassler- Tanzen Und Springen.mp3 2.801.05.19 06:45:30The King's SingersHassler: Tanzen und Springen1894Madrigal History TourTrack 29
28 Flecha- La Bomba.mp314.801.05.19 06:07:56The King's SingersFlecha: La bomba1894Madrigal History TourTrack 28
01 Gastoldi- Amor Vittorioso.mp3 15:28:32The King's SingersGastoldi: Amor vittorioso1894Madrigal History TourTrack 1
11 Tomkins- Too Much I Once Lamented 5.701.05.18 00:02:26The King's SingersTomkins: Too much I once lamen1894Madrigal History TourTrack 11
33 Senfl- Das G'laut Zu Speyer.mp3 1.801.05.19 19:44:04King's SingersHofhaimer-Das G'laut zu SpeyerMadrigal History Tour
25 Encina- Cuc, Cuc.mp3 1.501.05.18 13:57:34The King's SingersEncina: Cuc, cuc1894Madrigal History TourTrack 25
22 Willaert- Faulte D'argent.mp3 13:58:06The King's SingersWillaert: Faulte d'argent1894Madrigal History TourTrack 22
12 Farmer- Fair Phyllis.mp3 19:39:04The King's SingersFarmer: Fair Phyllis1894Madrigal History TourTrack 12
24 Mudarra- Triste Estaba El Rey Dav 3.501.05.18 13:58:02The King's SingersMudarra: Triste estaba el rey1894Madrigal History TourTrack 24
15 Janequin & Verdelot- La Guerre.mp10.101.05.20 01:03:12The King's SingersJanequin & Verdelot: La Guerre1894Madrigal History TourTrack 15
18 Anon.- Mignonne, Allons Voir Si L 13:59:06The King's SingersAnon.: Mignonne, allons voir s1894Madrigal History TourTrack 18
20 Arcadelt- Margot Labourez Les Vig 1.701.05.18 13:58:14The King's SingersArcadelt: Margot labourez les1894Madrigal History TourTrack 20
04 Anon.- La Bella Franceschina.mp3 3.801.05.17 15:29:12The King's SingersAnon.: La bella Franceschina1894Madrigal History TourTrack 4
07 Wert- Or Si Rallegri Il Cielo.mp3 2.701.05.17 17:27:38The King's SingersWert: Or si rallegri il cielo1894Madrigal History TourTrack 7
03 Arcadelt- Il Bianco E Dolce Cigno 3.301.05.17 15:29:06The King's SingersArcadelt: Il bianco e dolce ci1894Madrigal History TourTrack 3
31 Senfl- Ach Elslein.mp3 4.701.05.19 19:44:06The King's SingersSenfl: Ach Elslein1894Madrigal History TourTrack 31
19 Passereau- Il Est Bel Et Bon.mp3 02:10:46The King's SingersPassereau: Il est bel et bon1894Madrigal History TourTrack 19
14 Morley- Now Is The Month Of Mayin 3.901.05.18 00:39:04The King's SingersMorley: Now is the month of ma1894Madrigal History TourTrack 14
06 Anon.- Alla Cazza.mp3 17:26:58The King's SingersAnon.: Alla cazza1894Madrigal History TourTrack 6
King's Singers - The Beatles Connect 4.802.06.22 11:20:44King's singersPenny Lane1986The Beatles ConnectionA cappella
30 Anon.- Vitrum Nostrum Gloriosum.m 2.401.05.19 19:43:14The King's SingersAnon.: Vitrum nostrum gloriosu1894Madrigal History TourTrack 30
13 Gibbons- The Silver Swan.mp3 00:01:20The King's SingersGibbons: The Silver Swan1894Madrigal History TourTrack 13
08 Dowland- Fine Knacks For Ladies.m 3.901.05.17 18:35:02The King's SingersDowland: Fine knacks for ladie1894Madrigal History TourTrack 8
17 Lassus- Bon Jour- Et Puis, Quelle 1.801.05.18 13:58:34The King's SingersLassus: Bon jour: et puis, que1894Madrigal History TourTrack 17
23 Anon.- La Tricotea.mp3 2.501.05.18 13:57:44The King's SingersAnon.: La tricotea1894Madrigal History TourTrack 23
16 Certon- La, La, La, La Je Ne L'os 13:58:30The King's SingersCerton: La, la, la, la je ne l1894Madrigal History TourTrack 16
10 Bartlet- Of All The Birds That I 3.701.05.17 21:26:54The King's SingersBartlet: Of all the birds that1894Madrigal History TourTrack 10
21 Le Jeune- Un Gentil Amoureux.mp3 13:58:36The King's SingersLe Jeune: Un gentil amoureux1894Madrigal History TourTrack 21
27 Encina- Fatal La Parte.mp3 1.301.05.18 18:03:56The King's SingersEncina: Fatal la parte1894Madrigal History TourTrack 27
02 Rossino Mantovano- Lirum Bililiru 2.601.05.17 15:28:56The King's SingersRossino Mantovano: Lirum bilil1894Madrigal History TourTrack 2
09 Byrd- Who Made Thee, Hob, Forsake 21:26:52The King's SingersByrd: Who made thee, Hob, fors1894Madrigal History TourTrack 9
26 Anon. & Fernandez- Tres Morillas 17:22:36The King's SingersAnon. & Fernandez: Tres morill1894Madrigal History TourTrack 26
08 Though Philomela Lost Her Love.mp 17:13:30King's SingersThough Philomela Lost Her Love1987All At Once Well Met0:00:57160S44
15 Sing We And Chant It.mp3 17:02:41King's SingersSing We and Chant It1987All At Once Well Met0:01:43160S44
04 Now Is The Month Of Maying.mp3 17:08:55King's SingersNow Is the Month of Maying1987All At Once Well Met0:01:52160S44
07 Since Robin Hood.mp3 1.304.04.06 17:03:17King's SingersSince Robin Hood1987All At Once Well Met0:01:08160S44
12 Come Sirrah Hack, Ho!.mp3 2.304.04.06 17:09:56King's SingersCome Sirrah Hack, Ho!1987All At Once Well Met0:01:57160S44

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