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Lee_Perry_and_the_Upsetters_-_Scratc 2.9Lee Perry and the Upsetters - ScScratch Walking0:03:03128S44
Max_Romeo_and_The_Upsetters_-_Norman 4.802.02.04 23:49:43Max Romeo & The UpsettersNorman1976War ina BabylonIslandrecorded & encoded atyagup0:05:04128S44
A1_2_RufferDub_TheUpsetters.mp3 14:56:43The UpsettersRuffer DubOpen The Gate0:03:26128S44
A3_2_KnowLove(vs)_TheUpsetters.mp3 5.500.10.13 14:58:30The UpsettersKnow Love VersionOpen The Gate0:05:48128S44
9.mp3 14:12:23Lee PerryDub Land-UpsettersSingles Selector Too(Black ArtCD2MP3!0:03:36192S44
22.mp3 5.904.05.15 14:12:10Lee PerryWashroom Skank-UpsettersSingles Selector Too(Black ArtCD2MP3!0:04:08192S44
18.mp3 4.804.05.15 14:12:14Lee PerryAfrican Dub-UpsettersSingles Selector Too(Black ArtCD2MP3!0:03:23192S44
10.mp3 14:12:22Lee PerryMoney Dub-UpsettersSingles Selector Too(Black ArtCD2MP3!0:03:37192S44
19.mp3 4.604.05.15 14:12:13Lee PerryRejoice Skank-UpsettersSingles Selector Too(Black ArtCD2MP3!0:03:15192S44
15.mp3 4.404.05.15 14:12:17Lee PerrySons Of Dub-UpsettersSingles Selector Too(Black ArtCD2MP3!0:03:04192S44
16.mp3 4.804.05.15 14:12:16Lee PerryMistry Dub-UpsettersSingles Selector Too(Black ArtCD2MP3!0:03:22192S44
6.mp3 3.704.05.15 14:12:26Lee PerryIron Wolf-UpsettersSingles Selector Too(Black ArtCD2MP3!0:02:36192S44
13.mp3 14:12:19Lee PerryMilitant Rock-UpsettersSingles Selector Too(Black ArtCD2MP3!0:03:31192S44
20.mp3 6.504.05.15 14:12:12Lee PerryVibrate Dub-UpsettersSingles Selector Too(Black ArtCD2MP3!0:04:30192S44
4.mp3 14:12:28Lee PerryOrthodox Dub-UpsettersSingles Selector Too(Black ArtCD2MP3!0:04:11192S44
14.mp3 5.804.05.15 14:12:18Lee PerryOne Step Dub-UpsettersSingles Selector Too(Black ArtCD2MP3!0:04:04192S44
8.mp3 5.704.05.15 14:12:24Lee PerryAll The Way-UpsettersSingles Selector Too(Black ArtCD2MP3!0:04:00192S44
11.mp3 4.704.05.15 14:12:21Lee PerryThanks & Dub-UpsettersSingles Selector Too(Black ArtCD2MP3!0:03:16192S44
5.mp3 5.504.05.15 14:12:27Lee PerryIron Dub-UpsettersSingles Selector Too(Black ArtCD2MP3!0:03:52192S44
20Perry, Lee & The Upsetters - Eight 2.904.07.11 18:20:42Perry, Lee & The UpsettersEight for EightThe Trojan Upsetter Box Set (10:03:05
Upsetters.mp3 3.704.08.10 04:19:43UnknownUnknownUnknUnknownNo Comments0:03:55128M44
The Upsetters - Dub Along.mp3 2.302.06.29 10:21:590:03:15 96S44
The Upsetters - Dracula.mp3 20:03:150:02:53 96S44
The Upsetters - Put It On.mp3 2.502.03.15 20:06:290:03:32 96S44
The Upsetters - Crazy Lizard.mp3 2.402.09.19 18:37:330:03:23 96S44
The Upsetters - Battle Axe.mp3 2.502.03.15 20:00:320:03:30 96S44
The Upsetters - Underground.mp3 15:54:150:03:00 96S44
Paradise.mp3 2.603.06.21 19:49:46Lemmy & the UpsettersParadise

Song For Guy Mp3
Song For Guy Mp3
Song For Guy Mp3
Song For Guy Mp3
Song For Guy Mp3
Song For Guy Mp3
Song For Guy Mp3
Song For Guy Mp3
Song For Guy Mp3
Song For Guy Mp3