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021215am.mp312.202.12.25 01:04:34David F. CoffinJudge with Righteous JudgmentSermon © 2002, 0:57:01 32M22
020728.mp313.002.12.28 03:22:25David F. Coffin, Jr.Each Man's Calling(C) Copyright 2002, New Hope Pre0:54:30 32M22
020428.mp310.202.12.24 20:16:50David F. Coffin, Jr.The Voice of One Calling in th(C) Copyright 2002,0:42:46 32M22
021110am.mp312.902.12.24 23:44:32David F. Coffin, Jr.True SeekersSermon © 2002, 0:44:40 32M22
020721.mp313.502.12.24 21:46:46David F. Coffin, Jr.God Loves the World(C) Copyright 2002, New Hope Pre0:56:16 32M22
030105am.mp310.503.01.09 05:06:09David F. CoffinGospel RemindersSermon © 2003, 0:51:39 32M22
011014.mp3 7.702.12.25 02:27:23David F. Coffin, Jr.Godly Concern for Others(C) Copyright 2001,0:42:53 24M22
020127.mp3 9.802.12.24 18:22:58David F. CoffinAdoption As Sons(C) Copyright 2002,0:40:58 32M22
010930.mp3 7.802.12.25 02:18:46David F. Coffin, Jr.Spiritual Health in a Time of(C) Copyright 2001,0:43:35 24M22
020414.mp3 7.302.12.24 20:02:44David F. Coffin, Jr.The Stark Contrast of the Trut(C) Copyright 2002,0:30:26 32M22
020714.mp310.002.12.24 21:38:16David F. Coffin, Jr.The Fruits of Regeneration(C) Copyright 2002, New Hope Pre0:41:44 32M22
010902.mp3 8.702.12.25 01:58:54David F. Coffin, Jr.Peace Through Practice(C) Copyright 2001,0:48:40 24M22
030209am.mp311.803.02.13 15:07:05David F. CoffinJesus Is The Light of the WorlSermon © 2003, 0:49:30 32M22
021020am.mp312.102.12.24 23:16:06David F. Coffin, Jr.Jesus is the Perfect RevelatioSermon © 2002, 0:46:47 32M22
020602.mp311.002.12.24 20:42:59David F. Coffin, Jr.An Abundance of Good Wine(C) Copyright 2002, New Hope Pre0:46:03 32M22
030112am.mp3 9.503.01.16 01:11:58David F. CoffinThe King's Heart in God's HandSermon © 2003, 0:47:02 32M22
011111.mp311.602.12.25 02:59:22David F. Coffin, Jr.Church Discipline is Essential(C) Copyright 2001,0:48:36 32M22
021208am.mp311.802.12.25 00:56:52David F. Coffin, Jr.Confessing ChristSermon © 2002, 0:54:39 32M22
020224.mp312.002.12.24 18:46:46David F. Coffin, Jr.The Importance of Family Worsh(C) Copyright 2002,0:50:21 32M22
020922am.mp310.402.12.24 22:19:49David F. Coffin, Jr.Rebuked by the LordSermon © 2002, 0:52:58 32M22
021027.mp312.202.12.24 23:23:52David F. Coffin, Jr.Unwilling to BelieveSermon © 2002, 0:40:13 32M22
011202.mp311.302.12.25 03:12:04David F. Coffin, Jr.Being Your Brother's Keeper(C) Copyright 2001,0:47:16 32M22
010826.mp3 01:53:41David F. Coffin, Jr.Acting Upon God's Goodness(C) Copyright 2001,0:44:36 24M22
021013am.mp311.002.12.24 23:08:23David F. Coffin, Jr.Hospitality To StrangersSermon © 2002, (C) Copyright 2002, New Hope Pre0:54:30 32M22
011118.mp310.702.12.25 02:58:37David F. Coffin, Jr.A Life of Discipline(C) Copyright 2001,0:44:37 32M22

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